Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Glebe Markets

Glebe Markets
Corner Derby Place & Glebe Point Rd, Glebe NSW 2037

Badde Manors
1/37 Glebe Point Road, Glebe NSW 2037

I love going to Glebe markets, & ever since Lis & Leona introduced me to this place, i've been going back whenever i get the chance to :)

This markets has a very unique feel to it. From the people, to the stalls, & the food. I fell i love with the vegetarian gozleme as soon as i bit into it.

There is a stall that sells Gozleme, which is savoury traditional handrolled turkish pastry.

Fresh pastry is rolled out, filled & sealed then fried on a hot plate/bbq.

At $6 for vego (spinach & cheese), & i think $7 for meat version (spinach, cheese &beef), you get one serving plus a wedge of lemon. & i ALWAYS ask for an extra piece of lemon, i like to drench mine in lemon hehe..

I havent tasted gozleme this nice anywhere else! I usually eat it at Fairfield markets near my place, but its NO where near as good.

The pastry is thin & crispy, there is not too much filling - just enough. One bad thing though is - one is never enough for me! I find myself going back for seconds (sharing the second one with Richard hehe).

& then we go over to Badde Manors (our fav joint to eat at in Glebe) & we have a pot of their special in house Chai Tea ! LOVE LOVE this chai, we're always coming back here for dinner/lunch/breakkie, the place is vegetarian as well (bonus for me!)

They've recently spruced up their menu's as well :)

Their chai has flesh pieces of ginger, actual tea, and all the spices you'll find in a chai (cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, cardomom, star anise & peppercorn). What i love about it besides the full flavours, is that its not too watery like some places serve it.

The cafe isn't huge, but there's a front room, and a back room. We always get a seat in the back room as its more quiet & cosey, and the walls are filled with flyers & posters of all assortments. Places for rent, music gigs, instrument tutorial flyers, i'd love to live in Glebe :)

I also like to browse the few bookstores they have in the area. It's not a very long street, & there are other cafe's around, but i always come back to this one.


Katherine said...

Gozleme.. I use to have this on Fridays from the rocks market. Its so good, especially with a sprinkle of chilli flakes and lots of lemon.

Anonymous said...

Ahh Badde Manors is good and I agree their chai is awesome ^^!

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

It's very near my area... I would love to try their Chai one day...

Yas @ hungry.digital.elf. said...

WOoo I love their chai tooo! It's been awhile sine the last time I went down to Glebe area. it's about time to revisit! (hope the construction work has finished by now..)