Monday, September 7, 2009

Lao Fu Qing

243 Liverpool road
Ashfield NSW 2131
Ph: 9716 6838

After a refreshing 7km run around Iron Cove, we came to Ashfield in search for an asian style brunch. Jeremy, had been telling us about some 'awesome dumpling place', since he was with us this day, we got him to show us the way.

After walking past about 4 restaurant that he claimed was 'the awesome dumpling place i went to', and half way down the main strip in Ashfield, he finally found it.

Chinese food is way way at the bottom of my to-eat list. I don't know why. My mom doesn't cook chinese all that often, we eat more Vietnamese food at home, and i do eat out at vegetarian restaurants every so often.. but today, i was craving some chinky goodness.

The restaurant looked quite newly furbished, fresh paint & new signage (compared to the other places we had walked past). We were the first customers, & were completely starved for food so we quickly called over the waitress to take our order as soon as we had decided.

There were quite a few vegetarian options, & i was quite impressed by this!

milk tea hong-kong style $3.50

minced pork & preserved egg congee $6.80

The boys ordered this congee, which came out pretty hot & steamy (like, burn your tongue hot), and was garnished with spring onions & yu tiao. It was apprently very watery, & lacked flavouring.

steamed vegetarian dumplings $7.20

These were a MUST order for me, i have NOT had dumplings for AGES, i think ever since i completely stopped eating meat & seafood. The outside thin layer of dough was containing small diced vegies like cabbage, bamboo, onion & bean curd. It came in a serving of eight, i think i ate 5 of them hehe..

chive, eggs & sweet potato threads pockets $6.20

I ordered this as well, the name looked interesting, i've never had this combo in anything before. There was yummy golden crunchy pastry on the outside, each pocket was cut into two already, filling had everything in the name, with extra clear thin noodle bits! This gave it an extra bite. This was probably my favourite dish, probably cos im a sucker for fried foods..

egg pancake with yu tiao $5.20

'Yu Tiao' is a long golden brown deep fried strip of dough, & is normally eaten with congee.

This dish, is quite similar to a dish that i've had at a few yumcha's before. But instead of the yu tiao being wrapped in rice noodle sheets, this was using egg pancakes. I personally prefer the rice noodle sheets, but the egg was pretty nice as well. I found the yu tiao was dry, & overly chewy (if it were frsh, it would be crunch&crisp!)

shang hai minced pork mini buns $6.80

This is what Jeremy remembers this place for, their 'dumplings', which was actually, mini buns hehe. I didn't taste any, but there is actually some sort of soup (must be pork or chicken soup) which is inside the bun. SO when you bite into the bun, you also get some juices. HOT juices, mind you. But Jeremy made Richard well aware of this before digging in.

The boys demolished this, & really liked it actually. I think its a genius idea to have soup in a mini bun like this.

I really enjoyed the food here, although the english of the waitress was horrid..

JC: What's that thing with the buns with meat inside it, arranged in a circle?
Waitress: um.. vegetarian?
JC: No, the one with meat in it
Waitress: the vegetarian bun?
JC: MEAT. It's got MEAT and soup in it
Waitress: Ah, the pork buns, got it

Far out .. lols.


Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

I used to get really confused when ordering at Shanghai night because there were so many types of dumplings and they all sounded like they could have been the Xiao Long Bao (soup dumplings). Now I know the name I ask for them in my terrible Australian accented Chinese :P

Stephcookie said...

Mmm everything looks great, especially those sweet potato thread pockets! LOL at the waitress, that's so typical!! I love those mini buns with the soup inside, especially when the bottoms of them are pan-fried until they're golden and crispy :)

shez said...

I can only imagine the frustration! I find communicating with waitresses out in Ashfield a little bit of an adventure sometimes. You never know quite what will land on your table! Those yu tiao in egg pancake look really interesting - and good for congee!