Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Heart 1st cereal

I hope everyone had a great easter, loved my 5 day weekend!!!!! What did everyone get up to? I managed to hit the gym twice, watched a few episodes of Californication, read about 40 pages of Angels & Demons, watched Fast and furious 5, and ate SO MUCH FOOD! I had pretty much a food related event everyday.

Friday - yumcha
Saturday - house dinner
Sunday - picnic with friends, dinner at my uncles
Monday - lunch at my uncles, bbq with friends
Tuesday - lunch at my workmate's place, and sushi train for dinner

I feel totally bloated today :( Monday - Friday i can eat so damn well, and i squeeze in 2 hrs of exercise each day, but then come the weekend/holidays, i eat so badly..

So this morning I've taken out my box of health 1st cereal to have with banana and skim milk. I was sent this from Laura of Mark communications back in February, and since then I've finished it and bought another box to start on.

This cereal is sweetened not with sugar but with honey, golden syrup, cranberries, cinnamon and has three types of nuts almonds hazels and pecans, & 3 types of seeds flax, sunflower and buckwheat. What makes this cereal so good for you though, is the combination of wholegrain barley with wholegrain oat flakes, which leaves you feeling fuller, for longer, making it very low GI.

You can get more information on Superfoods other products here.

So this week i am very much detoxing! Lots of fruits, vegies, brown rice, lots of green tea, and two hours exercising everyday, eating so much junk on the long weekend has left me bloated and my body is really feeling the effects of eating bad foods.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

steamed matcha cupcakes

Meet Momo, my cousins' pet Cat. So adorable! He's so friendly and affectionate :) Totally opposite to my cat Honey. She's such a little snob! LOok at her below lying beside a knife :s

I had stumbled upon this recipe, and thought steamed cupcakes would be something different i could try. They are really healthy compared to the standard butter sugar flour cupcake recipes, and not that satisfying but i still enjoyed snacking on these.

I made these at my cousin Joanne's house, the recipe below is dead simple, you could also use silicone cupcake holders, just lightly spray them with oil before use.

Ingredients (makes ±6):
125g cake flour (i used plain flour)
90g castor sugar
1 tbsp matcha
125ml water
*1 tsp baking powder
*15ml cold water


  1. Preheat steamer.
  2. Sift together flour and matcha, then mix well with sugar in a mixing bowl.
  3. Gradually add in water and whisk until sugar is dissolved.
  4. Once the steamer is preheated, dissolve baking powder with 15ml water in a small cup.
  5. Stir baking powder solution into batter and mix well.
  6. Transfer batter into small bowls or moulds lined with paper cases.
  7. Steam on high for 20 minutes. DO NOT open the steamer during steaming process, to prevent water mark on the surfaces.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Deep fried prawns in golden egg yolk batter

One of my friend's one day randomly messages me "deepfried prawns in salted egg yolk batter". At first i could not think how this would be nice, it was the first time i'd ever heard of anything like it "salted egg yolk batter" but i listened to his advice and ordered it for the first time at Supermeal in the city.


WOW WOW WOW how good is this ?!?!? I demolished more then half and finished off like 3 bowls of rice.

Ever since then I've been ordering it wherever its available, i can't stop thinking about it really, it's just so good. I haven't even tried the crab r lobster in the same batter, just the prawns, i think it's the best cos you don't have to pick it out from any shells etc.

Supermeal Chinese Restaurant
39 Goulburn Street, Haymarket

Ironchef chinese seafood restaurant
84 Broomfield Street, Cabramatta

SUperdish Chinese Restaurant
19/1 HUghes Street, Cabramatta

Dragonbowl Seafood restaurant
11 Canley Vale Road, Canley Vale

My favourite by far is the first one i tried at Supermeal. The prawns werent soggy from the oil, they were crisp, and tasted very salted-egg-yolky, a sign that compared to all the other restaurants, they did not SKIMP on the main important ingredient!!

Second place is Dragonbowl, followed by Superdish, and lastly Ironchef.

WHo else has tried this before? Or am i the last one to know about it?? haha..

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Vue de monde

Hearing about Melbourne's Vue De monde, i really really wanted to experience this dining adventure myself, and what an adventure it was. Our degustation lunch lasted 4 hrs, and we were left completely satisfied and really glad that we were able to visit Vue while we were in Melbourne.

From where we were seated (furtheset away opposite the kitchen) we could sort of see what the chef's were preparing as there is a mirror right above thier workstation. Being so far away though we couldnt see too well.. but i think it's a really nice way for customers to see what goes on while we are waiting for our food.

I wish i had blogged about this when i still had everything fresh in my mind.. but here is the eye candy, and a few words to read. Enjoy!

Potato chips served with sourcream - this was so addictive!

Amuse bouche

smoked eel, apple, white chocolate

buttermilk, apple, fennel, flowers

blue fin tuna

whiting, summer vegetables

The bread was still warm when they gave it to us, i tried my best not to fill up on the bread and butter so i think i only had 3 pieces.

marron on a hot river stone, spanner crab sandwich, brown butter emulsion

fried duck egg, toasted breads, asparagus, truffle

peas & goats cheese

palate cleanser ofcucumber sorbet, elderflower granite, frozen lime

beetroot salad

radish and dill

kangaroo, cabbage, macadamia, blackberry

harpuka, vine leaves, pork fat, oyster cream

blackmore wagyu beef cheek, radish, dill, caper, anchovy sauce

frozen lolly, popping candy, housemade lemonade

This was a really fun dessert to picc at and eat, felt like a kid again eating pop rocks~


What a pretty site! Not a huge fan of pavlova, i enjoyed the rehydrated strawberries and pineapple pieces.

gaytime souffle

This was my favourite dessert! Despite being so full, our stomachs automatically made room for the few last dishes of our extravagant meal.

pineapple jubes


The insides was actually chocolate mousse! So delicate to pick up and eat, i wish there were a few more pieces to enjoy hehe.

passionfruit licorice, strawberry sauce & sherbert
(ciggie butts!)

mint marshmallows

The service here was spot on, all our waiters were polite, explained in great detail about every dish they served us, and really made the whole experience so enjoyable.

I would definitely come back here again, probably not every single time i go to Melbourne (poor wallet as this 4 hour lunch cost us $250!)

I hope you all enjoyed my post of photo's and sorry for not writing much but it's been a little while since i was there!