Thursday, September 24, 2009

Barzura cafe + ristorante

62 Carr Street
Coogee NSW 2034
ph: 02 9665 5546

Richard, Ann, Jeremy, Nam & myself, went for a training run starting from Coogee, over to Bondi, then back again. Totalling roughly 12km, on a beautiful coastal track. City2surf was not far away, & i thought a run would do us well, help us prepare for the race!

We all managed under 2 hrs, Richard being the fastest time at an hour 30 or so (i think). Naturally, we were all wrecked & starved by the end of it, so a brunch was a must!

Tina had recommended me two breakfast cafes in Coogee. Coogee bite cafe was one of them (and i really really enjoyed having breakfast there), so i remembered to visit Barzura if i was ever doing the coastal run again.

The cafe is very roomy, with lots of natural sunlight coming in, and its right next to the water & the beach, a beautiful spot to have a cafe. It was bustling with patrons, mostly i assume were having breakfast/brunch. Booths running along the sides (which i baggsed hehe) & with inside & outside seating we opted for inside, out of the sun (we had been running all morning in the sun!)

Service was quick, & the food was excellent! I would rate this place one of my top two (the other one being coogee bite cafe aswell).

Scrambled eggs on sourdough toast
with goats cheese & field mushrooms $12.50

I had this, & eggs came out in a very generous serving. The goats cheese was creamy & light, & the field mushrooms were tender & juciy, gave me a great protein boost :)

Cornfritters with bacon, roast tomato and avocado $14.50

I like the colors used in this dish. So bright & colorful. A hearty breakfast, arranged on a plate so neat & artistically, i love it!

Side orders mushrooms & sausages $4 each

Sides are a must, for both Richard & I, especially after a sweaty session of exercising.

toasted sourdough with avocado, pancetta, roasted tomato & aoili $12.50

Richard is the one who likes to try different things when we go out to eat, & he also enjoys his rocket & spinach leaves. The serving didnt have much meat so he ordered sides of mushrooms & sausages.

Sausage & scrambled eggs

Nam went oldschool style sausage & eggs, & mentioned that when it comes to breakfast, he doesnt need anything fancy - toast with eggs & sausages or bacon, will do him well!

Nasi goreng
(Indonesian fried rice, bacon, chicken, fried egg) $15.50

Jeremy went with the nasi goreng, because it is more value for money! & also, why have bacon & eggs when you go out, when you can easily have that at home all the time? :)

side of baked beans $4

This was my sides, baked beans. Because i don't eat meat, i like to fill up on beans, avocado, mushrooms, eggs, because i know i dont eat as healthy as i should.. actually i think my iron levels are quite low..

I'm sure there are other places to have breakfast in Coogee, but until i get a recomendation, i am sticking to either Barzura's or Coogee Bite cafe, simply because, they serve a hearty breakfast which is filling & delicious, and the atmosphere of seeing the water when you look out - is just breathtaking. Hearing the sound of waves crashing, seeing birds fly by, people coming in and out in their cossies & boardies. I'd LOVE to live on the beach, !!


eugene said...

Hello Betty, just like you i love to run,but i am not a foodie blogger like you.

hey coming by, and thought would be nice to drop you a line or two.

hope to hear from you

mishmashmosh said...

I know it's unhealthy, but I skip breakfast alot. Seeing these lovely photos makes me want to cook up a nice filling brunch on the weekend. :D

As usual, loving your posts :)

Von said...

Oh wow- a 12 km run! I collapse after about 1 km......=]

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Hehe I always try and get a booth too-they're so much more comfortable! :) And food always tastes so much better after exercise I find and 12kms is quite a distance!