Friday, September 18, 2009


Corner Burwood Road & Park Avenue
Burwood NSW

So, i didn't catch the name of this restaurant, but i knew the street address was corner Burwood Road & parkes Ave. So i google image mapped it .. & made out a sign saying 'aonori'. From there i tried to find it on google, even eatability, & couldn't find it anywhere ?!?! Except i found a mention in a random's blog.. & it wasnt a food blog, just some korean chics daily blog or something like that..

So anyway, we planned to go car shooting under the anzac bridge, and were after a quick dinner, & Burwood was on the way. & i've walked past this restaurant a few times now, always wanting to eat here, but it was always after lunch, so never got the chance to hehe.

The restaurant had very nice bright lighting (super happy about this), & it also was a take away shop as well, with a selection of on-the-go sushi rolls to choose from.

seaweed salad $8.50

The salad was really nice - it had a vinegrette dressing, with generous thick shavings of parmasen cheese mixed in along with red onion, capsicum, & a sprinkle of alfafa sprouts. There was more lettuce than seaweed.. for the price we paid i expected abit more than what we got.

agedashi tofu $7.50

I had specifically asked for no bonito shavings on the tofu. & we got exactly the opposite! Being too hungry, i just scraped off the bonito shavings & gave it to Richard. The tofu was nicely deep fried, with a light crispy batter, that absorbed the sauce well.

gyoza $7.50

Pete ordered the gyoza, he really liked this dish & from what i could see (and hear haha) was that it was extra crispy with a decent amount of filling. But probably not enough meat filling, as all Pete tasted was vegies.. so just incase - we called the waiter over to ask if these were vegetarian. Unfortunately they werent' so i didnt get to try any boo..

avocado roll $8.50

The roll was quite plain, but it was a big roll enough for me & Richard to share. I've had better rolls.. the rice was abit too dry i think.

seafood yakisoba $15.50

Pete had the yakisoba. And said it was very flavoursome, sounds like something i'd enjoy very much if it wasnt for the seafood in it.

edemame $5.50

Me & Richard were still abit peckish so we ordered a bowl of edemame to share. They were quite hairy... & tasted aged? I've had much much nice edemame at other restaurants, this place was the crappiest by far..

Overall, i'd say this place was below average. It sure beats the sushi train a few blocks down though... I did also drive past a teppenyaki across the road somewhere.. might possibly try that place out sometime soon.


Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Aww what a shame about the food! :( I'm curious, what is car shooting? :P

Richard said...

ewww hairy edamame... at least it was salty :)