Monday, September 28, 2009

Forensic Eating Dinner Party

Does this picture say it all? If not .. then read on :)

It all started at our first blog meet up organised by Katherine, which included Trish, Trissa,Lorraine, Richard & myself.

Trissa: I want to host a dinner party but i don't know who to invite??

Raised eyebrows & a show of hands went up, & we all started to brainstorm dinner party ideas..

The topic of masterchef was brought up, and then ideas of a 'secret ingredient' dinner came about. We were set on making i a secret ingredient dinner, where 2 days before the dinner, a secret ingredient would be revealed, and everyone was supposed to bring in a dish made with it.

But many email chains later, we decided it'd be easier to make it a forensic eating dinner party instead, where we were all to bring in a dish, and everyone is meant to guess the ingredients.

This was very exciting for everyone, and nervous.. what to bring?? Will people easily guess the ingredients?? A main, or desert, or both??

I was abit excited, and made two deserts :P

Attendees who also came were Ellie, Katherine & her cousin Lia, Lorraine & Mr NQN, Trish & her bub Joseph, My friend Jeremy & my bf Richard.

Thanks to Trissa & her lovely husband Dan for inviting us into her lovely home! She is a great dinner host, and had some finger foods for us to start before the guessing competition started..

cheese & crackers

lamb chops
(thanks to the boys for cooking this on the bbq!)

chorizo sausages

We started off the forensic eating with Ellie's dish - a french dip called Anchoiade - served with bread. Plain bread, so that we could truley taste the flavour & figure out what ingredients were in it.. it was a tricky one, as everything was pretty much minced up - so we really had to rely on our tasting senses. I didn't try any though because there was animal in it, so i was just sniffing away..


Next is Trissa's ravioli, which she kindly enough made vegetarian style for me (which i forgot, to take some home!!) it was the first *real* food i had all nght, & was so good, i would love to try and make my own ravioli. You just can't get it any nicer than home made me thinks.

Eggplant and tallegio ravioli with walnut, balsamic and butter sauce

Momma Eugenio made this dish for Katherine, and was abit easier to guess the ingredients because they were more visible (and not finely mashed up hehe). I did try abit of the noodle, it was really nice - again - home-cooked meals can be so much nicer sometimes.

Pancit Noodles

Trish's dish is embutido - a filipino style meatloaf, it looked like a rolled up sort of eggplant thing to me, too bad i couldn't try any :(


Lorraine made a french veal dish, which again i couldn't try. But it looked damn nice & saucy, i love my saucy foods hehe.

Blanquette de Veau

I made an indian desert called Semiya Kheer, which is something i've tried many times before, its my favourite indian desert dish! I think mine had the least ingredients (5) which were roasted vermicilli, ghee, almonds, milk & sugar.

Semiya Kheer

Ellie won the most points tonight, and thought she won a kitchen aid.. haha but got a nice shower gel instead :)

Almost everyone brought a desert, & ofcourse we all had more room in our tummys for desert!

Ellie's green tea tiramisu

Katherine's leche flan

Trish's filipino desert

Trissa's berries with toffeed cream cheese

I loved the topping on this, i want to buy a blow torch now :) mm.. creme caramel..

It was a GREAT night, and a pleasure to meet the blogger behind AlmostBourdain!

I think we might start a trend with forensic eating .. hehe.

Really looking forward to the next forensic eating dinner! Will get Trish to bring her lab coat, and some test tubes hee hee.


Trissa said...

Betty!! I love your post and your pics! My favorite picture is the one of the pancit for some reason - I love how the snap peas stand out against the noodles and how it is emphasized by the bowl. YOU ROCK!

Anonymous said...

Great post!! It's great to finally meet you too, Betty!! I can't wait for the next one!

Maria@TheGourmetChallenge said...

oh wow, this is a second time I've seen the photos to this party and I'm am so impressed! I would love to do something like this. too bad you couldnt try all the dishes.

Richard said...

The food was awesome babe :) I think everyone cooked a little too much though. It was a massive, massive meal!

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Haha yes I think we might start a trend with this Forensic Eating stuff! Can't wait until the next one. I love that first pic of us from Kath :P

Grace said...

oooh the different desserts all look restaurant-worthy! and heh I reckon one of the great things about desserts is they're mostly veggi friendly :)

Betty said...

Hi Grace!
Yes you're absolutely right about that :)

Anonymous said...

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