Friday, September 25, 2009

Pony Dining

14-15 The Rocks Centre
Cnr Kendall Lane & Argyle Streets
The Rocks
Sydney 2000
Ph: 02 9252 7797

I really enjoy food blogger meetups. We just all have one thing in common - foodblogging. And we all understand each others needs & wants, when it comes to a sit down meal anywhere.

This particular meet up was organised by the lovely Katherine from acupcakeortwo, & Pony was suggested because they had a 'Sunset Feast' available, weeknights only, between 6 & 7pm, & we had to be out by 7.45pm. 2 courses for $35, 3 for $42. Menu available here. But i think they change it often, so it might not reflect what i have posted here..

Spaghetti, asparagus, hand pounded pesto, pecorino

Both Richard & I ordered this, as it was the only vegetarian option. The dish was quite dry, & the portion small.. but then again, it was only an entree size.

Tasting plate of wood fire grilled vegetables,
chorizo and skordalia

Lettuce wraps with barbecue chicken skewers,
Cajun salsa and crème fraiche

Dutch cream potatoes baked with parmesan 8.80

The potato wasn't on the sunset menu, but there was only one vegetarian thing we could order, so we got a side for ourselves to share. I've had these before, they needed a sprinkling of salt hehe..

Minute steak of angus eye fillet, thick cut chips,
red wine sauce

I had helped Lorraine with a few of her fries, they were really nice & crisp, similar to macdonalds fries but not soggy at all (like you sometimes get from maccas).

Tasmanian salmon, salad of pickled beetroot,
orange, mint and fetta

Salad of twice cooked duck, spinach, pear and hazelnuts

Now onto the deserts.. everyone was looking forward to this :)

It was now about 7.38, so we only had 7 minutes before we had to leave. Even though the place was not that busy, the waitress still came over to remind us that we had to be out very soon. She was polite about it, but honestly - if the restaurant was quiet and had a lot of other tables, we should be able to stay a bit longer..

Macadamia tart, salted caramel,
vanilla mascarpone

This was my favourite. The tart was thick, & the salted caramel was soo good!! So addictive. The mascarpone complimented the tart very well. I ate a lot of this.. i really couldn't get enough. & the presentation was beautiful as well.

Individual pavlova, double cream,
pistachio crunch and strawberry

The pavlova was a pretty sight, all the red colours on the white pavlova made the dish really stand out. A very simple desert, turned into something special.

Katherine was kind enough to organize this meet up, and also brought us some goodies! Hard candy, loved it :)

The setting at Pony is intimate, this is my second time visiting - i don't think i'll come back again- there are just too many other restaurants to try in the city !


A cupcake or two said...

It was a fun night. Im really glad we all got together. Friendships were formed that night. I look forward to many more meet ups.

mademoiselle délicieuse said...

Mmmm...cheesy potatoes! Love how they're all even-sized discs.

And look at how even and thin the macadamia tart crust is! Not to mention that there's heaps of nut-halves.

missklicious said...

Everything looks so good. *adds to list of places to try*