Friday, September 18, 2009

Dolci Dolci

Rhodes Waterside Shopping Centre
Level 2, Shop 50, 1 Rider Boulevard
Rhodes NSW 2138
Phone (02) 9736 3650

So it seems, that my good friend Revinder, had not ever been to Office works, Spotlight, or Ikea, Ever since moving to Sydney a couple years back! So my mission was, to take her to all three places :)

I picked her up in the morning, so a brunch was needed before getting things started. First stop was Rhodes & the only cafe i could remember there was this place. There was also a coffee club in the shopping centre but.. they are very franchis-ey.

Revinder ordered the big breakfast which had toast, sausages, bacon, poached eggs & grilled tomato.

I went with the vegetarian breakkie, toast + roast tomato + mushrooms + scrambled eggs + avocado.

I had come here once before with Ann, and i think i had banana bread toasted with lots of butter. That was pretty nice, but i'd say the breakfasts here are pretty plain & average.. They mustn't use much oil at all, notice the matte looking colors ahah, & it was quite a dry breakfast. Personally, i don't skimp on calories when it comes to breakfast/brunch, cos its the most important meal of the day, you end up burning all of it during the day anyway!

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Betty said...

How funny that you took your friend to all three places!! Hehe. I love Ikea...! The breakfast doesn't look too bad... but how annoying that it was a bit too dry...