Thursday, September 3, 2009

Capital Thai

21A Campbell Street
Haymarket Sydney NSW 2000

We attended JC's birthday dinner here tonight. I picked up a very stressful JC, then Ann, Nam & Richard, we carpooled it to the city. He's been planning his birthday for 2-3 weeks now, & originally had plans to eat at Criniti's Darling Harbour, but they were newly opened, actually they planned to open the restaurant two night's before JC's birthday.. but actually was opening on the night of JC's bday instead. So he changed locations. This last minute change was a bit hard, trying to find a restaurant that would accomodate 40 people!

Richard & I were the lone vegetarians, so we were sat next to JC's work mate (who doesnt eat red meat/chicken).

We ordered some drinks since we were early.

thai beauty (cocktail) - malibu, creme de cacao, fresh creme, pineapple juice & coconut juice & syrup
virgin mary (mocktail) tomato juice, lemon juice, tabasco sauce, worcestershire sauce & black pepper
capital thai (mocktail) - lime juice, O.J, pineapple juice, bitters & grenadine

My thai beauty was really nice! Coconut & Cream yummy. Richard likes to order 'wierd' things on the menu. & wierd he got. Funnily enough, he liked it. I tried abit, but i hated it, it was disgusting. We got JC a mocktail, & he told everyone it was a cocktail LOL, suckerrr anyone who reads this WILL KNOW THE TRUTH!

So what JC organised was the 'banquet'. It cost about $38.50 per person for entrees, a couple of mains (to share), desert, tea & coffee. So there were about 3 mains for about 4-5 people to share.

Mixed Entree
Fish cakes, satay chicken, spring roll & curry puff

The entree's didn't look very appetising, but by this time everyone was pretty hungry, so chomped it all down.

Soon after, Richard, me & the other girl got our ala carte food we ordered off the menu.

Seafood Pad Thai

Tofu & vegie pad thai

garlic rice

Green curry with vegies

Me & Richard ate half of eachothers plates, and were quite full. The pad thai wasn't the best i've ever had, but the green curry was really creamy & spicy, with broad beans, baby corn, carrot, brocolli, mushrooms & snow peas. The garlic rice was not garlic-enough for my liking, but i wish we ordered a larger bowl of it hehe.

Everything after this was part of the $45 per person deal.

beef massamun curry
a rich and aromatic curry from the south of thailand cooked with coconut milk, toasted peanut, bayleaves, potato, carrot & tamarind.

Chicken green curry
medium hot home made curry paste cooked with coconut milk, bamboo shoots, thai baby eggplants, green beans & sweet basil leaves

chicken pad thai
famous thai noodle stir fried with egg, meat, beansprout, tofu, & seasonal vegies

pumpkin stir-fried
chef recipe of stir fried thai young pumpkin with meat, egg, shallots, & sweet basil leaves

seafood combination
stir fried a seafood mix of seafood king prawns, squid, fish fillet, mussel, capsicum, onions, shallot, spring onions with chilli jam in tasty sauce

sticky rice with taro & coconut milk

The desert portion was way too small (even after i had some of the birthday cake). Actually, i didnt get my own portion i was having spoons from a few people's bowls hehe..

Tea & Coffee though, were not offered to us until we asked for it. This was stupid actually, it's part of the deal. Ended up having green tea for most of us, & some people had a coffee (it was quite late when we finished, about 11pm or so).

Think $38.50 per person for the food that everyone got tonight, was slightly overpriced. Even though some plates were empty, others half half to a quarter filled of food still, they could of brought down the price, considering there were 40 people dining at their restaurant.


A cupcake or two said...

Sticky Rice is so yummy. The food looks amazing. Check out those prawns on the seafood pad thai.

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Ahh what a shame that it wasn't as good value as it should have been but some of the dishes look quite good!

Trissa said...

The fried rice looks yummy! I think you are right though - 40 bucks for Thai food (unless you are going to Longrain or Sailor's Thai) is pricey.