Thursday, August 27, 2009

Menya Noodle Bar - Sydney City

Level ground, Shop 2
1 Market street
Sydney NSW 2000
ph: 02 9267 4649

Richard found this place on google (why google, there are so many foodblogs out there!! hehe)

& found this ramen place in the city, because i wanted to try some vegetarian ramen.

We were quite disappointed to find out, that their vegetarian ramen was made with beef stock :o

So, we were too hungry to walk around, so we had the organic soba udon noodles $11.50, and the udon noodles $10.90
Yasai Lover's Vegetarian.

They both looked pretty much exact, but served with different noodles. I wasn't impressed, maybe still sad that i didnt get to try any ramen (i've never had ramen before).

The broth was nice, but i think they put too much vegies (well yeah der, it's the vego option). The serving size however, was quite big, so great value for money.

before sprinkles

after sprinkles :)

The place was full of business men & women, i guess having a quick dinner before heading home. It was around 8pm when we sat down. What i didnt like about the place was that we had to order at the front, then take a seat. It was all very food court-ish to me!

Can anyone recommend a vego ramen place for me ?

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Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

I am not a big fan of ramen but I love thier tonkotsu soup.. the best for me (I have never tried at Japan or Ryo's yet).. mm..but no idea about the vegetarian ramen though