Thursday, September 10, 2009

Gazebo Wine Garden

2 Elizabeth Bay Rd
Elizabeth Bay NSW 2011
(02) 9357 5333

Here we are gathered today, to celebrate the Birthday of Antsie Pantsie! (this post is 1.5 months late..) hehe.

Ants organised a lovely lunch for us all, on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Gazebo Wine Garden is a lovely place to sit, eat, drink, & be merry! With a killer cocktail list & (one) cute waiter, i had a mighty fine afternoon :)

Drinks list was passed around, i went straight for the cocktails and chose this gorgeously named beverage called 'Giggley Rose'. Garden mint leaves, rose syrup, rose petals, splash of gin, fresh lemon, drowned in Yarra Valley sparkling, topped with a mini rose..

Sounds divine doesnt it ;)

a jug of white sangria was also ordered, i had a sip of Ant's cup, it was really sweet! Loved it. LOVE white sangria (over red).

Now.. onto the food!

Crossiant sticks with thin slices of prosciutto & pickled artichoke

Lamb rolls with apple chutney

These were a big hit, i'd say from the massive chunk of meat, encrusted with a crunchy peppery pastry.

Swiss cheese stuffed mushrooms

This is where i began eating! The mushrooms were cooked to a nice tender state, stuffed with swiss cheese, topped with pesto, and well drizzled with olive oil.

Sour dough with egg & poato dip, olives, butter, cherry tomatos & prosciutto

The breadwas lovely & dense, i always butter my bread ALOT alot, abit too much me thinks..

Calamari Rings

They were the shared plates before the mains came..

Chargrilled sirloin steak, shoe string chips, cafe de paris butter
(served medium only)

I picked at a few peoples shoestring fries - because its my favourite type of fried food! They were light, crisp, and lightly salted.

Baked fillet of salmon with a herbed bread crust, greens & hollandaise

Asparagus, radicchio, and garden pea truffled risotto

The risotto was quite stocky, i'm used to eat way more creamier risotto's but this was a nice change. However, it was slightly over salted, & the rice was abit under cooked. I liked the shaved bits of parmasen though.

Gazebo's signiture garden wolf

The mains, were quite small. A few people were complaining of the size, and that they weren't full enough.

Cheese boards with crisp breads, apple & grape chutney

I was hoping for a real 'desert' all sweet & stuff, but this cheese board was just as yummy. The fruit loaf was chewy & sweet, with brie, camembert & smoked cheeses, and some grapes - the grapes went awesomely well with the cheese.

All camera's on Anita :)

I've enjoyed every meal at Gazebo WIne Garden, i just adore the atmosphere, ambience, & drinks. Even though the food isn't that great, i still have yet to come here to try out their usual menu of food (on both occasions, have only tried set menu foods).

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