Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Spicy Aroma

Shop 2
202 Canley Vale Road
Canley Heights NSW 2166
tel: 9755 9722

What i enjoy about eating out west in my area is - the price! & the convenience of driving just ten or fifteen minutes for a meal. This thai restaurant is fairly new, (i think) so i wanted to go try it out. This post covers two visits actually, yup it was so good i came back the next month :)

coconut juice & iced coffee $3 each

large serving steamed rice $4

I really like the rice buckets, gives the place an authentic thai feel to it.

Pad thai - vegetables & tofu $7

This would be my fav pad thai outwest. It has more flavours then any other pad thai i've had around the west area, so big thumbs up. It was a massive portion as well, really great value for money.

cashew nuts w/ mild chilli jam & cashew nut topping $7

Another very cheap dish, which did not lack in flavour at all. A wide variety of vegetables including bok choi, brocolli, capsicum, carrot, onion, snow peas, which quite a few cashew nuts to pick out (i love cashew nuts)

Leen Yang (BBQ Ox tongue) $8

Pad Creamy Satay - stir fried mixed vegetables with homemade satay sauce $7

I had this the 2nd time i came here. This would cost $20+ out in the city, but here its just $7! For me, i prefer creamy dishes over anything else, it's so bad but i can't help myself hehe. A very generous serving, i'm such a pig i finished this all off with three bowls of rice..

Seafood red curry - milkd curry with pumpkin zucchini, snake beans, asian eggplant, basil & bamboo $12

Tom Yum Fish - with lemon grass, lemon juice, chilli paste, mushrooms & herbs $10.50

Pad Khana moo grob - stir fried chinese brocolli with crispy pork in oyster sauce $10.50

pork salad (larb) - special dressing, grounded rice, fresh chilli & mint $8

Everything else i didnt try anything of, but the bill came out really cheap, both times, & this is my new fav thai joint to eat at when im craving thai thats not too far from home.

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