Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Coogee Bite Cafe

Shop 126A
Beach Street, Coogee NSW 2034
Ph: 9665 0190

After exchanging a few emails with Tina from FoodBooze&Shoes, she had recommended her fav breakkie places, two of which happened to be in Coogee - where Richard and I were planning to go running the Coogee to Bondi Track & Back (training for the city 2 surf woo!)

After our run (14km in under 2 hrs) & we were famished! We LUCKILY drove past Coogee Bite Cafe on our way out, but wanted to check out Barzura's as well, to see which looked better to eat at.

I didn't have the exact address except for instructions that went like this 'south of Coogee, next to the beach' haha! We totally gave up after 2 mins, and just went to Coogee Bite Cafe, & quickly ordered some grub :)

I was totally eyeing the 'chai latte', & asked for caramel in it aswell (yup, LOVE my extra sweet hot drinks hehe). Beautiful chai latte, will definitely be my drink for next time i'm here.

Richard ordered the eggs with bacon, sausages, grilled tomato, mushrooms, hashbrown & turkish bread.

A very decent serving, & the price was only a tiny dent in our wallets! GREAT value for food :)

I chose another big breakkie which included eggs, baked beans, mushrooms, grilled tomato, spinach, hashbrown & turkish bread.

What annoyed me was that they put the mini tubs of butter right next to the hot food so half of it was melted! I was too hungry to ask for another so i just poured it onto my turkish bread... still good nonetheless!

I LOVED the servings of each part of my plate, i was able to finish it all and was fully s-a-t-i-s-f-i-e-d! i LOVE breakfast when i get lots of little servings of a lot of things, & this is why i enjoyed my meal so much. I think it overly replenished my energy levels from the run hehe

Richard ordered the 'eye opener' which took a while to come out. He only ordered it cos of its name, haha it tasted quite funkY! I didn't like it at all, & neither did he, & THAT'S what you get for ordering wierd named things :P

Coogee Bite Cafe is located close to the beach, so we had a nice cool breeze whilst eating, and semi nice views (while it wasnt front on from the beach, we still did see the water).

Service was quick, food was great, the cafe was packed but we still got our food really quickly.

Next time we're here, we're going to try out Barzura's, & do a comparison :)


trang bang said...

i went here for a early morning breakfeast before when i stayed up at coogee for few nights. it was great service and food.

Tina said...

Ha ha - I hate when they do that with the butter too! Not sure about the looks of that last drink though...

Trisha said...

BIG BREAKFASTS are love love love!!! Those look like generous servings and I just love it!!! Woohoo city 2 surf this weekend Betty! Hope you're ready cuz I'm not :D

A cupcake or two said...

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Anita said...

What a great breakfast! I love big breakfasts with absolutely everything... but not too much that it makes you sick.. this looks like a great amount.

grace said...

I love chai latte too:) those fried eggs look absolutely fab!

and haha too bad about the eye opener. gotta admit the colours are rather lurid..

grace said...

oh lol I just realised you wrote this post in june! haha sorry didn't mean to continue a dusty conversation