Saturday, March 14, 2009

Orchid House

Edensor Park Plaza
Shop 2, 207-215 Edensor Road
Edensor Park NSW 2176
Phone: 9610 0182

We wanted to try out the Thai restaurant near my house (practically walking distance), so we went for a walk!

It was a Sunday night, and the place was quite busy, mostly families, few couples.

We opted for the Prawn Pad Thai, and some fried button mushrooms with plum sauce as an entree.

The mushrooms muchly reminded us of the ones you get from chicken express (this is not a bad thing, hahaha). The sauce that came with it - nothing special there, it was very sweet and me being a sweet person i liked it alot.

The Pad thai - was below average. It lacked the tamarind flavour that you get in a authentic pad thai, and the prawns texture was so rubbery and there was no trace of the original flavour left. Pretty much straight from the freezer.

This restaurant, and another one up the road are pretty much the only thai restaurants in the area, so i'd say it was very westernised, and the locals wouldn't know authentic from westernised. But the price was cheap - mushrooms were $650, Pad thai was $12.80

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