Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar

751 - 753 Smithfield Rd, Bonnyrigg, N.S.W. 2177
(on the corner of Elizabeth Drive and Smithfield Road)
ph: (02) 9610 3333
fax: (02) 9610 0133

Twas a Friday night, met up with our new foodie buddies Sam & Julie. Julie finished work late so we ended up ordering our pizza's @ 9.30PM!

Crust had recently opened up, situated 3 streets away from my house, where VIDEO EZY used to be. Next to the Healthy SUBWAY, across from McDonald's, and a Kebab shop within metres as-well. So this joint was a meeting point for car hoons, young hooligans, bikies, & delinquent teens.

Since Rick & I had already had browsed the menu online, we knew exactly what we wanted (and also what we wanted the time after and the time after that - there are soooo many pizza's to choose from - quite overwhelming for the typical Friday night -take-away pizza. But it's not just any normal pizza take out, its G-O-U-R-M-E-T pizza :D

We chose the 'White Anchovy Pizza' : premium italian white anchovies, caperberries, cherry tomatoes and bocconcini, garnished with fresh basil. It was a fairly fishy-tasting-not salty enough- affair. The caperberries added a nice touch though, i don't usually like capers- but having a caperberry in your mouth along with anchovies completely masked out the fishy flavour. I liked the cherry tomatos, how they were cut in half, and the skin kind of crinkled up at the top, and the tomato was cooked through. There was just enough cheese to cover the base, and the base itself was light, crispy at the edges & delicious. It was a nice contrast between our usual fare from Pizza Hut, which was a pleasant surprise since we're used to the fatty-heavy-oily-stomach-bloat-inducing- pizza's from the usual fast food joints.

Our friends chose the Mexican pizza. It had chorizo, spanish onions, roasted red capsicum, jalopenos, & chilli on a refried bean base, topped with fresh avocado salsa. We didn't try any, so no comment. But they did say it was 'not bad'.

WIth one pizza between each couple, we were so far from satisfied, so we ordered another pizza, this time it came out quicker because it was nearing 10.30PM.

Smoked Salmon Pizza - smoked salmon, spanish onion, brie, avocado, caper berries, with a wedge of lemon, cracked pepper, & seasalt. This was the first ever time i had lemon, salt & pepper on my pizza - it was WONDERFUL - i was so amazed by Rick mixing the salt & pepper, in this cool little black device-y thingio (i wish i took a photo of it). This was the best pizza i've had to date, they had just the right amounts of each ingredient per slice, Each bite I had had a bit of everything, the buttery smoked salmon, smooth cheesy brie, onion and caperberry all mixed into one mouthful. It was absolutely fabulously fantastic in my mouth... The salt and pepper made it more flavoursome since I like eating my food with lashings of flavour, the lemon gave it a bit of an extra kick which removed the slightly fishy smell smoked salmon usually emits. This was the perfect pizza, I'm drooling now thinking about it...

After all that, we divided up a little aero chocolate bar for dessert. I haven't had an aero bar in so long. It was so so good to eat those chocolate bubbles!

This finished off our evening of gorging ourselves with pizza. I'd definitely come back again and try each and every pizza I saw on the menu at home with Rick.


shez said...

Oh! White anchovies are so much nicer than their horribly hairy grey cousins. I'm surprised that a pizza place would use them though. Props in my books!

Lisa said...

Hi Betty, been looking for a good pizza place around this area and this sounds great! Just wondering though if this place has seating or if it's just take away?