Saturday, March 14, 2009

Nick's Seafood Restaurant

The Promenade, Cockle Bay Wharf 
Sydney NSW 2000 

T (02) 9264 1212
F (02) 9264 8686

Recently heard from Leona that Nick's Seafood no longer had their seafood pie on the menu anymore (jaw drops, shock horror). So frantically dug into my old photo's to find these. This would have been more then one and a half years ago... I remember it was towards the end of winter, the sun was out warming our cold hands & faces.

Second time eating here, i ordered something out of the norm, (fish & chips) and chose this seafood pie, thinking to myself (it's just a pie, nothing special).

It came out next to a plate of soft potato mash with a hint of garlic. I was expecting a good ole aussie pie, but this was on a small baking dish (very hot, right out of the oven) and to my delight the pastry on top was sooo flaky, crunchy, buttery .. i peeled off the top bit and had this first, left over with a thin layer on slightly less cooked pastry (but still very edible). I dug into the pie, cream sauce oozed out, this was creamy delicious and it coated various pieces of seafood including fish, squid, lobster (or crab, its been a while i don't remember)

This was THE BEST pie i'd ever eaten, and its such a shame that its not on their menu anymore :(

For desert, i chose the same desert i always have - sticky date pudding. Again, this is the best ever sticy date pudding i've had in my life. It wasnt dry, tasteless, lacking flavour of dates, or stinged of caramel sauce.

It was moist, warm-hot temp (not too hot that it burnt your tongue or anything), came with the right amount of caramel sauce, creamy vanilla icecream, & a piece of ... peanut toffee ?? Yummy in my tummy it was, never ceases to amaze me now wonderful the pudding here is and since then i havent had anything come as close to it.

Will come back here again, as we have never been disappointed. It's got a great view, plenty of seating (get a seat outside you are covered from sun/rain), & lovely wait staff.


Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella said...

Aww what a pity they've taken it off the menu. It sounded delicious! And the dessert looks enormous, definitely worth ordering too! :)

Betty Pham said...

Hi Lorraine thanks for dropping by :)
yes the sticky date pudding YUMM (notes down in diary - must go back again)

Arwen from Hoglet K said...

The dessert looks lovely. It sounds like this place does a nice job on the food.