Saturday, March 14, 2009

Macro Cafe

31-37 Oxford Street
Bondi Junction NSW 2022

Tel: 02 9389 7611               Fax: 02 9389 0707

Parking: 1 hour meter parking in surrounding streets

After googling 'Organic restaurants' I decided to come here for breakfast. The morning sun fills the front shop with warmth & light, you can choose from outdoor or indoor seating. (note, it can get VERY hot sitting outside, even in slightly cool weather)

Started off with a rice milk mocha - this was by far the BEST mocha i've had, using rice milk TOTALLY transforms the taste, rice milk is not very milky, more sweet and watery (but not lacking any flavour at all). Also what i loved was that it was drinking temperature (not ouch-burnt -my -tongue -need -to -wait -10 -minutes -before -drinking -temperature)

I decided on the sour dough bread with poached egg, baked beans, grilled tomato, wilted spinach & button mushrooms (i think this was called the big breakfast) & big it was indeed. Rick had the same but with just only eggs & mushroom (he snitched some of my spinach & tomato hehe)

The sour dough bread here - is to die for it is mega crunchy, slightly warm so that the butter slowly melts into the tiny little holes, & to know that each ingredient is organic - makes you feel good all over.

Organic tomat0 - is so unbelievably sweet, texture is soft and it was ripened to perfection. The mushrooms were sautéed in some kind of sauce.... we're guessing it was worstershire sauce, very yummy!

I would definitely come back for brunch (they stop serving breakfast at 11.30). I didn't see anything nice on their lunch menu .. but might try it next time.

Next door is a grocery store that only sell organic & whole foods fruits & vegies - worth a browse! We scored some organic corn chips & hommous - the best snack ever!!

There is also a Macro Cafe in Newtown (But no grocery store)

146 King St
Newtown NSW 2042

Tel 02 9550 5747               Fax 02 9550 5748

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lili - pikelet & pie said...

Oh, I used to work at the Macro in Newtown. If the Bondi Junction cafe is the same (and I think it is) you probably ordered the right thing - the lunch menu consists of salads that aren't made on-site and fairly average sandwiches.
I could say things that are a lot worse, but I shouldn't, and won't.