Thursday, March 5, 2009


96-98 Corner Ramsay & Dalhousie Streets
Haberfield NSW 2045
tel 9716 4444
fax 9716 4555

Headed to Haberfield (next door to Leidchardt) for some italiano. Rick's sister recommended this place, said it was nice & cheap, better then what Leidchardt had to offer.

We B.Y.O'ed some Brown Brothers Rose Muscato (my pick!!), this was fruity & dry, much much nicer wine then the Muscato was.

After alot of thinking and umms and ahhs we ordered

Margherita Pizza $17.50
Mozzarella cheese, Basil, Olive Oil

Pepperoni $18.50
Mozzarella Cheese with thinly sliced Pepperoni

Farfalle Al Salmone $23.90
Short butterfly shaped pasta, fresh salmon,shallots,extra virgin olive oil, with a dash of brandy in a tomato and cream sauce

Crostini Di Casa All'Aglio
Garlic bread

The garlic bread was abit of a let down.. the bread tasted stale, although the buttering right to the edge made up for it!

The Margerita Pizza was very average - Pizza hut rips this into pieces (and its only half the price lol)

I didnt' try any pepperoni pizza (Hello, My Name is Betty, I'm a Pesketarian!), but i heard that it was average tasting aswell.

The pizza's crust were very thin, crisp, not oily (but not to dry either). 8 slices on each (standard)

The pasta, was a very small size for the price, we only got a few spoons each & it was finished. It was creamy, tomato-ey, the dish was quite hot (temperature hot), the salmon was cooked to perfection (and in cubes, perfect bite size chunks) & it didnt need any extra salt (which says alot for the girl who overdoses on flavourings).

Between the four of us, we were still hungry afterwards so decided on ordering some desert aswell.

We chose:

Home Made Tiramisu
Marscapone, coffee, Tia Maria Liqueur and Italian savoiardi biscuits

Fragole Alla Crema (Strawberries and Cream)
Fresh Strawberries marinated in Disaronno 'The World'sfavourite Italian Liqueur' topped with grenadine and decadent double whipped cream


going . . .


It had been a while since we'd eaten tiramisu (the last time, was when we made it at home). It was light, coffee was not over empowering, the cream was just the right amount (any more and it would become soggy). Real sponge fingers were used in this, i'd say this was my favourite dish of the night!

Now the strawberries and cream - i didnt like very much. The liquor was too strong, it was more bitter then swet, and the cream they used tasted cheap (like the cream you get out of a whipped cream can)

All up cost about $25 each person (not including the wine), i'd say this was considered a cheap & yummy eat.

Next time we come back we'll be trying out the gelato/icecream instead..!

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