Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Billu's Eatery

62-64 Wigram Street
Harris Park NSW 2150
ph: 9687 7785
fax: 9687 7789

We felt like Indian tonight, so headed over to Harris Park (home of authentic Indian food & sweets).

They have a really vast menu, it took our friends quite a while to decide on what to order (me & Rick already knew what we wanted - DOSA!)

We also ordered a samosa, and rose lassi.

WE LOVE ROSE LASSI : it's a yogurt based drink, which you can have salty, sweet or spicy. In our case, the rose is the nicest as it's beautifully sweetened with sugar and rose water. It's very refreshing, and is great to cool down your mouthif you're eating something really hot & spicy :)

The samosa, was $2 and was more then its value worth. It came with a sweet & sour dipping sauce, the samosa here is the nicest i've ever had. Big chunks of potato, mixed with onions, spices & chilli, wrapped in a crunchy pastry.

Both Rick & I ordered dosa's (me the Paneer dosa, Rick the Masala dosa)

The picture below was Rick's one, mine looked the same pretty much except had a different filling.

Dosa is a vegetarian dish, so Rick's one had potato, fried onions & spices, mine had paneer (which is an indian type cheese) with tomato and spices aswell.

Both were served with coconut chutney (this was DIVINE i would love to have this with every meal that i eat), and some curry soup which was mildly hot.

The Dosa's were humungous, we had trouble finishing it ended up eating just abit over half of the whole thing, and it only cost about $11 each - super duper bargain :)

i LOVED the crunchy batter that was wrapped around the fillings, i could taste the ghee (oil), it was just super crunchy but surprisingly not too greasy.

Danny was my bestfriend back in highschool, we lost contact after school, and found each other again last year (thats like 5 years of no contact!!)

We've started hanging out more often the four of us i really enjoy their company!!

Billu's - come here if you want a cheap, authentic, indian meal. Servings are huge so share around (don't do what we always do and over order lol)

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