Friday, March 6, 2009

Guylian Cafe

The Rocks
91 George St
Sydney 2000
P: 02 8274 7500

It was Over to Guylian for dessert after a heavy heart attack German meal.

But first, some eye candy :)

Pretty glass bulbs

We each got one of these with our coffee/hot chocolate/tea

There were a few of these canvas's, this was my favourite.

Might they have this font somewhere on the world wide web??

Me & Betty opted for some english breakfast tea, & this chocolate mouse pannacotta thingio called '100% pure pleasure'. The tea was fairly weak, despite the amount of leaves we saw in the teapot. This reminds me of all the times i've been to yumcha @ Cabramatta, seeing recycled tea leaves served in every pot.

There was a buiscuit on top, which kind of melted in your mouth like a meringue. I think it was a macaroon?? Inside was apparently pannacotta, and outside was chocolate mousse, covered with slices of white rasberry chocolate. The presentation was an orgasmic 10 out of 10, and we'd definately go back again to try everything else.

We taste tested everyone elses food, but ours was the best ! THe waffles, i must say, were a massive let down... the lindt cafe has MUCH better waffles (that melt in your moot haha). Guylian waffle, was very dry & hard.. and the chocolate, seemed like any ordianry milk chocolate, nothing special there.

The creme brulee crackling on top - was not as crunchy as the one we've had at Jazushi, i'd say it was average altogether.