Friday, March 6, 2009

Lowenbrau Keller

Corner of Playfair & Argyle Streets
The Rocks
Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

Tel: +61 (0)2 9247 7785
Fax: +61 (0)2 9241 1613

Tonight was the secret food bloggers getogether at Lowenbrau keller. Most people wanted to remain anonymous - so we shall cut straight to the chase!

Beer, beer & more beer! (Bier?)

Almost everyone ordered the house special which is the Pork Knuckle, including Rick. Betty ordered the only vegetarian dish on the menu which was some kind of crappy macaroni & cheese german adaptation, which came with a boring salad (with only little droplets of dressing).

The pork knuckle was served on a bed of creamy mashed potatoes & a warm splodge of sauerkraut, & a sprinkling of chopped parsley. It wasn't too fatty compared to the pork knuckle i've had at Cabramatta and the Oktoberfest. The crackling was really salty & crispy, but the mash balanced the extra saltiness from the crackling. The meat however was a little dry ... The sauerkraut was not that good here.. compared to the Bavarian Bier cafe (review on that is coming up!) i think it was over fermented because the texture of the cabbage resembled mushed babyfood.

Betty chose the vegetarian dish (the ONLY vegetarian dish) which was some kind of cheesy pasta served on a grill pan, with crunchy deep fried onions on top. She only managed to eat about a third of the serving, feeling sick from the lack of flavour, and overdose of cheese.

Everyone else had the following:

Pork belly with cabbage?

& a mixed tasting plate. (seriously, one guy finished this whole thing!)


Me & my non-alcoholic beer :D

Most of us wanted to remain anonymous hehe

All in all, this restaurant is only rewarding to those who eat meat. The crackling was excellent, i'd come back for a beer or two with friends (with Litre steins that is bwahaha!!


Anonymous said...

Great to meet you guys! From what I remember I am guessing Betty wrote this review :P?

chocolatesuze said...

mmm pork knuckle om nom nom

Y said...

What a great place to meet at! Or 'meat' at, as the case may be! :D