Monday, March 9, 2009

Jazushi - Valentines Day Set

145 Devonshire Street cnr Clisdell Street, Surry Hills, 2010, NSW, Australia
Phone: 02-9699-8977
Phone(direct reservation):0417406928
FAX: 02-9699-8973
Office Hour: 12pm~late

Valentines day. It's such a commercialised celebration day for love. Betty and I decided we're going to be different and celebrate it four days early so we beat the rush of people going here and there.

We loved Jazushi so much that we decided to come back for the valentines day special. The chefs were kind enough to specially make us the valentines special on a tuesday night, where we were the only ones in the restaurant that had ordered it. I'd give the kind people at Jazushi a big hand for this & also for keeping my jacket there for two weeks before I had time to come back and pick it up.

Like last time, there was a live jazz artist playing not too loudly in the corner. We were given a little bowl of edamame. This is our new favourite entree / snack! They're so nice to snack on and a hell of a lot healthier than salted peanuts.

After finishing off our edamame, we were served a sushi plate called a rainbow sushi plate. It had two sushi pieces specially made with salmon, tuna and avocado rolled on the outside to give it a more colourful appearance. Inside were salmon and more avocado. Accompanying this was a fresh oyster and smoked salmon wrapped around watercress and spanish onions. Also, served in a shot glass was a puree of tuna sashimi with Jazushi's special sauce and nori strips on top.

The sushi was a mixture of creamy avocado flavours mixed in with the buttery flavour of raw salmon. I'd say it was better than the last time we came around. Smoked salmon up next, there wasn't anything outstanding with the smoked salmon but the addition of the onions in the centres gave it that extra kick in the nuts for flavour. As usual I can't really comment on the oyster because it's how an oyster is supposed to be. Yummy. After that, we ate the tuna puree in the cup. This was the Crème de la crème of the plate. The tuna was marinated in Jazushi's secret sauce, it was savoury with the flavours just melting in my mouth. In my humble opinion, it was fan-fucking-tastic!

Next up was the crispy skin salmon with Jazushi's special miso sauce. This one was a major improvement from the last time we were here! The salmon was cooked to perfection with the skin on the crunchy side, but the salmon steak crispy on the outside but nice and soft on the inside. The special miso sauce drizzled on top gave enhanced the flavour of the salmon without being too overpowering.

The next dish was the deep fried tempura selection. We had soft shell crab, camembert cheese and a prawn. The camembert cheese wasn't as good as the last time since they put some dim sim pastry on the outside of the cheese before frying it. The original tempura camembert was much better, but it was still good nonetheless. I ate the whole prawn in two bites including the shell on the tail, it went well with the creamy sauce on top. The tail reminded me of eating prawn chips off the barbie :) Lastly there was the soft shell crab, they were nice and crispy on the outside but the inside were still moist and juicy, just the way I like my soft shell crab.

Since we've already blogged about the green tea noodle salad and the teriyaki duck, I'll skip over them. They were just as good as the last time we had them!

To end the night, our dessert came out three hours since we arrived (it's a great place to just sit and chat so we didn't mind). There was crème brûlée & ice cream served on top of crunchy nut corn flakes. I dare say that ice cream served on top of crunchy nut corn flakes is the next best thing since sliced bread. It was the shizzle! Outdoing the crème brûlée by a mile. Think of having the creamy sweetness of ice cream and then having crunchy bits of corn flakes mixed with honey all in your mouth at the same time... *drools*
The crème brûlée was pretty average though, the top didn't really require too much effort to break open but the inside was actually more like a chocolate mousse which was a surprise.

I said this the last time and I'll say it again. I loved the food, music and lighting at this place. I'd come back again and again and again!!

We're actually planning on having our joint birthday party here, they have a room upstairs that can seat 35 people :)


shez said...

y'know what? sushi-ya (at artarmon, on the japanese side of the station) serves their ice cream sundaes (lychee, red bean, green tea) on crunchy nut as well and i gotta agree with you. best. thing. ever.

Sue said...

Betty and Richard - I write the member mag for Bankstown Sports and would love to spk to you about getting into the next issue. Can you email me on


Anonymous said...

Rarr I must tryyy! Love their presentationnn! Hee hee lots of Jap places serve ice cream with cornflakes and its absolute genius!

Sadao said...

Beautiful presentation!
I wish I were sitting at the table.