Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Macro Cafe - 2nd Review

I had already done a review on this place here, but after coming back again i just had to do a 2nd review i love this place :)

After finishing up on a photoshoot at Bondi Beach (piccies here) we drove to the junction to have breakfast @ our fav organic joint.

They opened at 8AM, we were the first people in the doors & the first to order, and luckily - the waitress gave me a free coffee for being the first customers!! So very nice :)

Rick had a rice milk coffee cappuccino, i had a *free* soy mocha. If you havent tried rice milk - do give it a go you can get it from woolies (not all coffee places offer rice milk actually, macro is the first that we found that did)

For breakfast i went with the wild mushrooms with goats cheese, wilted spinach, cherry tomatos & sourdough bread. The first thing i always do - is butter my toast while its still warm :) I like to watch it melt, and biting into the overly buttered spots to have butter ooze everywhere in my mouth yummy!

Oh i also ordered an extra poached egg - which was over poached (i should have specified i wanted them runny but oh wells)

The goats cheese was soft & salty, and went well with the soft mushrooms (i love mushrooms, the fungi lil critters)

Rick went with the big macro breakfast which had wilted spinach, 2 poached eggs, cherry tomatos & bacon. (and he scabbed some of my mushrooms!!) He said the bacon was salty yet soft yet crunchy at the same time, and he was lucky to get one half runny poached egg!

I love my eggs runny, and the way i eat them is to suck up the yolk like i'm kissing it *mwaH!* haha

Another happy experience @ Macro :)

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