Monday, March 9, 2009

Bankstown Sports Club - La Piazza

8 Greenfield Parade
Bankstown NSW 2200
tel. 02 9722 9888
fax. 02 9793 9355

Bankstown sports club is the place to meet for us westies. It beats mounties, cabravale diggers and cabramatta leagues hands down. We tried the pizza and pasta on the other side the last time, so we decided to try out the Spanish Tapas on the far end this time.

We ordered a mixed plate of seafood, a dozen mornay oysters, a big bowl of chips, salad, bbq baby octopus, stuffed button mushrooms, deep fried fish cakes, gnocchi in a creamy white sauce & mussells.

The waitress asked if we wanted parmesan cheese on the gnocchi, Betty and I both answered yes straight away. We then realised the rest of the table didn't like parmesan. How bad is that? When in Rome.... haha. We all dug into random tidbits here and there but barely touched the salad. Probably because the rest of the food was so appealing and so much better than a plain old salad.

I think the mixed plate of seafood for seven people was definately not enough to have it evenly divided between all of us so we all had to sacrifice ourselves and have little bits only. Apart from that it was a pretty decent plate with balmain bug, bbq octopus and beer battered fish. It's what you can expect from a club but with a bit more flavour.

A dozen mornay oysters is definatly not enough for seven people. I reckon I could finish the whole platter on my own! The cheese on the outer layer was nice and stretchy, much like the cheese you get on the top of the lasagne from pizza hut. Inside was a creamy, creamy cheese with a yummy oyster underneath.

Surprisingly, the chips here are completely different to any chips i've ever had. There are little crumbs on the outside, I'm not entirely sure what they are, but they add so much extra flavour to the chips! You could easily eat these chips without any added salt or sauce.

The bbq baby octopus were my favourite for tonight's dinner. They were barbequeued perfectly with the little tentacles curled up into slightly crunchy little pieces. The sauce added an extra savoury taste to the octopus completing what I think is an awesome plate of baby octopus.

The button mushrooms were stuffed. I don't know what with but I do know they were stuffed. It was a little bland but the butter it was drenched in made up for the blandness. Next to the mushrooms we had the deep fried fish cakes. They were pretty average when compared to the thai fish cakes we've had in Newtown, although they are a pretty good attempt.

Thinking about the gnocchi makes my mouth water. They were light, fluffy and swimming in a creamy, creamy sauce. I loved this the most out of the whole selection of food we had tonight! The parmesan cheese made it even better, but our friends would insist otherwise... *death stare* =P

LAstly, the mussels were cooked in a slightly spicy tomato based sauce. They were cooked quite well without being too rubbery. The chilli in the tomato based sauce made it a very good dish. I especially liked having more sauce than mussel in my mouth at the same time. Awesomeness.

Overall I'd say that the Bankstown sports club is a great value for money place to come to eat at. The food is good for the price and the service is fairly quick depending on the amount of people in the club at the same time. I'd come back with friends any time! (since I'm a member, I might as well use my card haha!)


Sue said...

Betty - love the pix. I'm tempted to go there and give this a go.

Anonymous said...

Hi Betty, not sure who you are exactly or what you do, but your attempt of creating a "food review" page is quite mediocre. Before you start reviewing and possibly critising food please consider what you're comparing your food hut? That is quite an insult, but considering your asian background you probably don't really know what italian food is..I have been to La Piazza at Bankstown Sports and i have to say your "review" is somewhat pathetic. This place is fantastic! The BBQ seafood platter is only meant for one person, not seven and is far from any type of club food and if you dont believe me there are a number of reviews raving on about it, not to mention the restaurant's 4 and a half star review in the daily telegraph only receantly. I think the honour of that review alone is a whole lot more of what can be said for your food blogger's page..Secondly the button mushrooms have no butter in it whatsoever, how can you possibly critique something that you know hardly anything about? And please, pardon my ignorance but you have described the cheese on the mornay oysters like having the cheese on the lasagne from pizza hut? That to me is much like an insult more than anything else. The fishcakes as you mentioned were not as good as those that you have eaten in some place at Newtown..maybe because they're NOT fish but crab fritters! Pretty good attempt i can see how you can get the taste of these two dishes mixed up.
Your page is misleading and displays a pretty pathetic effort to review food, and as for your followers, find a website that's actually reliable. Visit La Piazza by all means but be prepared to be suprised - the place is awesome in every aspect possible, and is far from any club food around.
Good job Betty!

Babydoll's Project 365 said...

ha ha
why waste your time writing all that when you could have simply closed the browser

keep reading the daily telegraph & grow some balls instead of posting 'anonymously' ya loser