Thursday, March 5, 2009

Liana's Licensed Restaurant Cafe

306 Church St
Parramatta, NSW 2150
(02) 9687 7979‎

After doing the Iron Cove run (7km, in just over an hour) we were starved, fatigued, wrecked beyond imagination. Stumbing out of the car, staggering to the closest restaurant which was this place. "Under original management again" posters up, i wonder why they changed in the first place? Or was it just a sales gimmick to get people thinking 'they are back, bigger & better!'

We ordered two pasta's and an entree (unaware that we didnt even need an entree..) The portion was HUMUNGOUS like crazy how can that fit into my little stomach?? I had thought about take awaying but .. knowing we had a 3 hour gym marathon the next morning - i scoffed it ALL DOWN, i think the food filled my stomach and overflowed up to my throat haha

Half a dozen oysters, there was chopped tomato parsley & cheese and this was put in the oven (not for long i assume, because it was edible temperature (not burn my f#cking tongue hot)

Rick ordered chicken mushroom linguine, he LOVED this it was hella creamy with a good amoutn of chicken pieces in it (they didnt stinge woohoo!)

I ordered creamy tomato salmon ^ avocado linguine. I think the pasta was slightly overcooked, but this was the best pasta meal i have eaten in a restaurant (beats Leidchardt Elio's by far)

Half way through i was getting pretty much full but i pushed it all down, hoping it will stay there till the morning when i have to get up for the gym!

Rick will be disappointed when he see's i've reviewed this place - only because the photo's were taken with his phone camera.

But i wanted to tell everyone - come HERE FOR A CHEAP & DELICIOUS meal of italian its so so value for money (pasta was about $23 each), and we left the joint holding our bellies :)

Definately coming back, (with a bigger group next time) so we can all share around pasta & Pizza (we saw heaps of people take awaying pizza aswell so thats gotta mean something hehe)

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Anonymous said...

Oh wow you guys are crazzyyyy! Haha considering how much u guys work out you should have eaten a lot more :P
It does look tasty tho so thhxx should try it out ^^!