Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bau Truong

You'd think i'd have reviewed many Viet restaurants before this, but this one is actually my first. Not that i don't eat it often, but i don't remember taking any pictures hehe. Eating out locally usually means something quick & on the go, & me not carrying my camera with me.

This time i made sure i packed it into my gym bag, as i was meeting the lovely Ann for a catch up dinner. She couldn't make it to the gym because she stubbed her toe at work, which didn't stop me from doing a session of the cross trainer before picking her up.

You can always expect a cheap meal in Canley Heights/ Canley Vale, Ann chose this place for us tonight. I've been here a few times before, back in my meat eating/pesketarian days.

This restaurant is always busy, they have one in Cabramatta as well, they cover quite alot of the Vietnamese dishes, & not so many vego options, but i managed to find a fried rice & asked for it to be made with no meat.

Tasty pineapple fried rice

This was indeed tasty, and a huge serving. I only managed to eat half of it, & take awayed the rest for breakfast the next day. (Yup, i can pretty much eat anything for breakfast, sweet/savory).

Beef in wild pepper leaf rolls

Ann's serving was pretty big as well, but she finished it off with no problems.

We also had drinks. Me, the coconut drink, Ann had the avocado & durian shake. WHich was pretty thick and sweet, no traces of ice at all, really lovely (i would know because i was constantly sipping some too hehe).

Unlike many other restaurants in the area, you can actually see into the kitchen here, and it's very clean, something that you'd like to know when you're eating out.


Betty said...

I've been to this Canley Heights one, but I didn't think it was as good as the original in Cabra. Glad you had a great experience though. The beef dish looks delicious :D

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

I think I will like Beef in wild pepper leaf rolls.. looks so good. I have tried only 2 viet restaurants here, in Sydney.. Pho pasteur and Sam's Pho in Epping.. Wanna go to Cabramatta one day :)

oh, my email is jaaj18@hotmail.com (also facebook ^ ^)