Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My First Tea Party

After visiting a few high tea places, and seeing Trish host her own little one, inspired me to make a small celebration tea party for my 24th Birthday :)

Then thing that allures me to high tea is the cute & tiny servings of sandwiches, cakes & sweets, and sipping on tea & sparkling wine, it's all very fun to do while hanging with friends, & i like to bring together my closest friends for food/dinner/cupcakes, i love to host small get togethers at my place, & catch up on things :)

I prepared cupcakes one to two days in advanced, refrigerating them, and prepared the icing the night before/on the actual morning. This is because i was short on time.. if i was home on Saturday night then i would of done everything fresh, but seeing as i was out of the house alot, i had no choice (and i wasn't ready to miss out on sleep the night before the event hehe)

Over the next couple of weeks i'll be posting up recipes for the following cupcakes, snacks & hor'deourves, except the scones & banana babycakes as Trish brought them to the party!) 

I also made some sandwiches (it wasn't ALL sweet delights hehe).

- Chicken lettuce & aoili crustless finger sandwiches
- Cheese & Salami crustless finger sandwiches (no pictures of these, as they were covered with glad wrap, then disappeared really quickly after exposing them! hehe)

orange & poppyseed babycakes with orange juice icing

Mini custard tarts with strawberry glaze

Trish's banana babycakes with cream cheese frosting

Chai Chocolate babycakes with chocolate icing

scones (served with jam & cream)

white mud babycakes with rosewater icing

Smoked salmon & cream cheese toppables

mushroom & leek voleuvants 

The Gang :)

I originally planned to have everything outside in the back yard, but there was no sun, & lots of cold wind, so we moved everything indoors, which wasn't too bad we were all snuggled up close together in my living room :P


Stephcookie said...

Oh what a cute, yummy way to celebrate your bday! I love the idea of putting gummy bears on your cupcakes, looks great!

Forager said...

Mm, chai chocolate cupcakes sounds deliciously spicy & rich! Lovely way to celebrate a birthday - with food & friends :)

Jackie at PhamFatale.com said...

Seems like it was like a lot of fun. Los the gummie bear topping for your poppy-seed mini-cupcakes. They're adorable!

Trisha said...

It was a fun fun FUN day!!! I had fun baking, eating, & laughing out with a bunch of cool, new friends! Thanks for inviting me Bets!!! xoxo