Monday, August 24, 2009


SHop 1021 (near coles)
Bondi Junction Westfields

After an awesome photoshoot in the morning at south head, we were hungry so we decided to drive down to Bondi Junction for some food in my new Mini Cooper Cabrio.

We got to westfields Bondi junction and after spending a ridiculous amount of time looking for parking, we headed to the food court and found this awesome little thai restaurant as soon as we got into the shopping center (we didn't even make it to the foodcourt hehe). Usually you're supposed to order from the counter and then sit down. The waitress took our order at the table, It was so awesome! I guess they weren't too busy??

I orderd a vegetarian Pad Thai and Betty ordered the Vegetarian green curry with saffron rice. My pad thai was pretty ordinary, I like my pad thai very flavoursome with lots and lots of tamarind flavouring. This one was only just short of he flavour mark.

Pad Thai - stir fried with egg, tofu, beansprouts, & crushed peanut topping

Betty's vegetarian green curry wasn't too spicey, it was just right for betty. In other words slightly peppery for me. The best part of this dish was actually the saffron rice. It was cooked with saffron and also with sultanas. It was slightly sweet and went quite well with the green curry.

Green curry cooked in coconut milk, bamboo sliced, zucchini, pumpkin & basil

Pad tom yum - stir fried hot & sour paste with lemon grass, lime leaves & mushrooms

Pad See Iw - stir fried with egg, green vegetables in sweet soy suace

We didn't sample any so can't really write about it, but it looked as good as ours. I think this would be our new fav place to eat at in Bondi (ever since Macro Cafe died, we don't really go back anymore).

Thanks to Sambath for letting me use his camera (mine died in the morning during the photoshoot!)

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