Thursday, August 20, 2009


Edensor Park Shopping Centre
Shop 1, 215 Edensor Park Road
Edensor Park NSW 2176

This restaurant changed owners (it used to be il Posto), and it's pretty much around the corner from my house (a 5 minute walk only).

I've always passed this place while running, but never though to go in.. I don't usually eat out at Italian places, and if i do, it's only through recommendations.

When a really good friend of mine (ANITAaaaaH!) mentioned that she's starting up a foodblog i was very excited, and suggested coming here to do our first review together. It's close by, and being a weeknight we wouldn't be staying out too late.

This place had signs up for 'Tuesday Specials' which is for just $19.95 you get a choice of garlic or herb bread, a main sized salad (to share between two) & either ribs, pasta, or pizza.

Garlic Bread

Herb Bread

Greek Salad

The salad was pretty nice, but didn't have enough fetta i think :) I really like my salty foods, so for a normal person it would have probably been enough hehe. The salad was nice & fresh, and the dressing wasn't at all heavy.

Carbonara with gnocchi

Ants said her gnocchi wasn't bad at all. I had some gnocchi the other day (a restaurant we take awayed from, i have a thing about taking photo's of take away food, i dont think its pretty at all). And yeah, it was pretty sickening after about 6 or 7 pieces of gnocchi i just couldnt eat anymore. But this was after i finished one and a half pieces of arancini, so maybe i was just full hehe. This gnocchi looked pretty light & tastey.

Primavera with spinach & ricotta raviolli

There wasn't much selection for a vegetarian, & i didn't want to gorge on pizza.. so i went with the primavera & spinach & ricotta ravioli. The ravioli was quite dry, but the pieces were pretty decent.

We only managed to eat half of plates, & we both just doggy bagged the rest. I took the salad home, & finished it off the next day it was really good the day after! hehe.

I'd like to come back here for the pizza, i don't think the pasta's we had said much about the restaurant.

Even though we were about 20 minutes late (our booking was at 8.30), they were really nice to us, the staff were quite friendly actually. & the owner also came out a few times to see how our meals were going. The meal includes either gelato or coffee at the end but we were pretty full, and it was getting late, so owe skipped it. We were the last ones there actually, so i felt obliged to hurry outta there because they had already started sweeping the floors & stuff (quite rude to do that though don't you think??)

Also! While we were taking photo's the owner casually walked past & said something like 'the food will get cold by the time you start eating it, the food must be eaten hot, not cold!' & it really sounded like he meant it, but was trying to sound like he was joking.


Betty said...

haha. yeah! i recently went to a jap place where they turned off their kitchen lights and were all sitting there waiting for us to finish - now that's rude, and awkward! the deal here sounds pretty good though, despite the not-so-great tasting pastas!

julnhi said...

i love salty food!! mmm and I love gnocchi .. try it at Savannahs (Stocklands) .. the pesto gnocchi (entree) is really nice and not sicken because there no creamyness

anita said...

i have to start craking with my blog!! havn't been able to work on it! hopefully soooon this week. have taken so many dishes. i think im gonna go broke lol

anita said...

i have to start craking with my blog!! havn't been able to work on it! hopefully soooon this week. have taken so many dishes. i think im gonna go broke lol