Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Seeda Thai

121 Enmore Road
Enmore NSW 2042
ph: 02 9557 2345

Ants & I were seeing Phoenix @ Enmore on a Wednesday night, so we were on the hunt for some cheap food. I was still having my thai cravings (it's been over two months, whats wrong with me!!)

There were a few restaurants to choose from, but decided on this one because it was small, quiet, & the menu didn't look too pricy.

Vegetarian curry puffs $5.50

These were pretty nice. Filling was decent, buttery pastry, & it came with a yummy sweet & sour dipping sauce.

Seafood Pad thai $13.90

Ants had this, but it was too much for her i think she only finished about three quarters of it. She's not a fan of beansprout so a lot of it was pushed to the side hehe.

Vegie & tofu Pad Thai $9.50

We both had pad thai. I actually... rarely order anything but Pad Thai. I'm boring, i know ;)

Servings were kind of small, about half the size of a pad thai that you can get at Canley Heights! & costing about $1 more. That's what you get for eating in the city i suppose ehehe. Noodles were coated in a fair amount of sauce, with a decent amount of vegies.

Sticky rice with thai custard $4.50

I wasn't full, so ordered some dessert. I think i ate most of it, Ants didn't like it very much. I'd had better deserts, this had come from the microwave it was pretty hot when i had some. A bit more coconut milk would've made this alot nicer, it was quite dry!

It was a cheap & filling meal. About half way through eating, more people came in for dinner, so it wasn't so nice & quiet anymore. The waitress (she was the only waitress there) was really kind & sweet, very polite, and asked us where we were going once we sat down.

There were only a few tables in the shop, i'd say it can only seat about 15 or so people, i think more people come for the take-away.

I was still craving more thai food after this, when will this end?? I think i've eaten thai atleast 10 times in the last 3 mths..


Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

yes..you eat lots of Thai food.. I follow your blog and found that you went to Thai restaurant again..hehe.. Happy to know that you like Thai food.. Now you make me wanna eat good one :)

chocolatesuze said...

lol i dont like beans sprouts either hahaha and woah dude 3 posts in 1 day? if you're on a roll and able to post so many you should save them and post 1 a day cos itll help with your visitor stats