Saturday, August 15, 2009

Eveleigh Markets

243 Wilson St.
Darlington NSW
(adjacent Carriageworks)

I've been meaning to come here for about, 6 or 7 months now. But because it falls on a Saturday morning, i'm either bike riding, gymming, or i have *something* on.

Finally though, i diarized it into the second Saturday of August, & Richard & Ann came along too :)

We arrived just before 9am, & there was plenty of free parking out on the street (score! no parking fee!)

The markets run down either side of the warehouse, and on the side there is a strip where you can sit in the sun & enjoy the food that you buy.

The first store we came across had free taste testing for feta cheese, apple juice, & yogurt, i love freebies hehe. Reminds me of the Good Food & Wine show.

i LOVE freshly squeezed/organic apple juice. It's sooo much tastier than the normal juices you get from the supermarket, in bottles & poppers.

All the foods on display looked really fresh, home-grown, & the people behind the counter are so so friendly & helpful.

We were starving for some breakkie, so got some chai tea's to curb our hunger while we kept searching for breakfast. They used 'Arcadia's" chai tea powder (my fav) but i think they used half as much powder as i do, it was quite light & watery... but we got free biscuits!

Main reason for visiting these markets was to see Suze, but her mom was around instead so we left a note hehe. Ann & Richard both bought some shortbread & biscotti (she was kind enough to let us taste test the range before deciding).

We had walked past a few places selling breakkie burgers, and pies & things, but we wanted to see what else was available before deciding on what to eat for breakfast. We got to the end, and saw breakfast crepes!

I haven't seen anything like this at a market before, & they were nice to let us take photos hehe.

I chose the mushroom, cheese, spinach, caramelized onions, Richard got the spinach & feta cheese, and Ann got 'the lot'. Everything plus ham.

They were quite nice, but not very filling, so we went back to see the stall next door, who were selling 'murtabak', which is a popular snack in Indonesia. They had 'vegetarian' ones so i ordered one of them (there wasn't much vego lunch options around actually so i was quite happy).

So inside there were mixed vegies (which were grated up thickly) with seasoning & egg, which was then packed into spring roll sheets, & then pan fried, & then fried in shallow oil.

She didn't mind at all when i asked if i could take some photo's, & was actually happy that we were, & asked if we could send her some for the market magazine!

Richard and I snapped up a few photo's (i didn't have my macro lens but wish that i did!), & she rewarded us with two more free murtabak's! So sweet of her!

They very much reminded me of spring rolls, except bigger & chunkier. I liked them alot :)

After eating & lazing around in the sun for a bit, we made our way back to the start, this time looking more closely at what each stands had to offer.

I bought a huge loaf of sourdough bread for $5.50, and also stayed for a chat with the bread dude, who was telling us about storage, how long they keep for, all the different breads he had on offer. I couldn't wait to go home & slice up & toast these babies up hehe.

I bought one of these adorable raspberry tarts for later, me & Ann to share ( we were so stuffed from the crepes & murtabak).

Last stop was an ice cream sandwich stall, where i was straight away approached by a guy asking 'are you a blogger?' haha (is the huge camera around my neck too obvious??)

We tried some of the 'caramel pecan', & it was delicious! It was a pity we were so full, and also was staying out for another couple of hours, as they did have frozen take away packages that would keep your ice cream sandwich cold for about 1.5 hrs.

They have a wide variety, and i'm defo coming back for more!!

Next time, i'm going to have one murtabak, and one ice cream sandwich, and im bringing more friends along! These markets are a gem i had fun taste testing & seeing fresh produce on display, we tasted organic strawberries (divinE!) & met a few pretty cool people.

Move over Flemington markets, i will never go there again!


chocolatesuze said...

bwhahaha oh stick! i educated him on the ways of foodbloggers when i was around at the beginning of the markets haha glad you dropped by dude sorry i wasnt there!

Trisha said...

That's incredibly wonderful when people allow us to take photos during markets, eh? Also great that they even took the time to pose infront of the food he he he! Ohhh Suze's mum FTW woohoo!! I agree though - Eveleigh Markets are always on Saturday mornings when I have gym! :(

Stephcookie said...

Great photos, it's so cute how everyone was happy to pose for the photos! And LOL at the guy who asked if you were a blogger!

Katherine said...

Yummm Sour Dough bread. I'm a huge fan of sour dough. I'm in Betty.. I can't wait..

Amy said...

wow, the markets look amazing! the crepes look just like in paris. and i'd been thinking of trying those ice=cream cookie sandwiches for a while!