Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Loft

3 Lime Street
King Street Wharf
Sydney 2000

The lovely Lisa from SpiceyIcecream organised a little high tea gathering at the Loft, with Steph of Raspberri Cupcakes, Karen of Citrus&Candy, Lilli of PikeletandPie, & Jennifer of Jenius. Also found out that Lisa had designed these menu's :)

We all chose the 'High Tea with a Twist', which was basically their set menu for high tea, tea/coffee, plus a tea pot of cocktail (one pot between two people) which costs $45 p/p.

There were only two girls manning the place, with a big baby shower going on inside. & we were told that it might take a bit longer for us to get everything because of the other big group, but she promised we'd get our cocktails made before anything else.

We all loved the super cute teapots that came out, filled with the different cocktails that we had ordered.

It was hilarious when Karen started to pour out the cocktails, we all took our camera's out in unison to start snapping away. We had a few glances our way from other people probably thinking "what the hell? she's only pouring tea.."

And as each one of us took our turn pouring, the snapping continued until all of our glasses were filled.

Each teapot had enough for about 2 glasses, so we all shared the following:

Sencha Quince Fizz 
Lillet shaken with a hint of vanilla, fresh passion fruit pulp, pink grapefruit & chilled T2's "Sencha Quince" tea.
Turkish Delight 
Plymouth Gin & a touch of Tuaca shaken with home-made rhubard puree, pear cheek, fresh lemon & chilled T2 "french early grey" tea.
Strawberry Pash 
Zubrowka Bison-grass vodka, creme de fraise shaken with home-made apple puree, strawberries, basil & sweet T2's "Citrus punch".

I wasn't exactly hungry when the food came out (silly me for eating oportos only 2 hrs earlier??!!! i had done a 2 hr work out at the gym & was STARVING..)

I adore the stands, cups, teapots & stuff at high tea, when i have my own home i will FOR SURE stock these things, as i'd LOVE to host mini parties & things :)

The sandwiches were neatly cut (& crustless) with a special row of 'vegetarian' ones for me. I Love crustless sandwiches, they are cute & petite, & super neat :)

The scones were okay, not the best i've had, served with jam & cream. I really liked the idea of placing a truffle in a spoon as a serving, it just makes it more of a 'petite' dining type of thing.

Deserts looked impressive, & it was so funny when Steph tried to take photo's of her lemon meringue tarts (and thought they looked too similar to boobs lols)

The sandwiches i had were tomato, cucumber & cheese, & creamy mushroom. While the meat eaters had  fillings of smoked salmon & dill, mushroom & chicken, cheese & cucumber, & for me - creamy mushroom. Also got a piece of veggie frittata, which very much lacked in taste, i didn't like this much, but finished it anyway (waste not want not!)

The tart (which i'm not sure what it was..) was citrus-ey with i think some kind of nuts sprinkled on top. It was tiny, and quite moist aswell and full of flavour when i bit into it. I think these would be the smallest tarts i've ever had.

With the lemon meringue pie, i tried to take off the crunchy top layer but the whole thing just crumbled infront of me boooo (i guess i was trying to imitate the layer of marshmallow that you can pick off as a whole piece when you're roasting them over a fire!)

The brownie - i was scared it would be a bit dry (as like the few other brownies i have tried before) and i was right, it was slightly dry & i didn't try to finish my piece.

I left the truffle. I think i don't like truffles because i remember getting into a coughing fit once a while ago when i ate one & choked on all the cocoa powder that went down my throat as i took a breathe before chewing it. But, the girls guaranteed it was really nice, so i tried it, & the same thing happened i really hate the feeling of sucking in powder! I think i'm just not meant to like truffles.

Our tea came out in clear pots & clear tea cups (very very simple, i love it) & we all got one pot to ourselves. I chose the Gorgeous Geisha, smooth sweet & so delicious. Green tea with the lush flavour of strawberries & cream.

I really adored the fact that we were sitting outside (with luscious natural light coming in) & the air was fresh, but one thing that scared us all a bit - was the boat horn that randomly went off half way through our time there hehe.

The thing that makes this High Tea stand out from the rest, i'd say is the tea pot cocktails! The food wasn't as great at the Victoria Room, but i do love all the descriptions that they have for their cocktails & tea's.

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Stephcookie said...

AHaha! Those tarts really did look like boobs though! I agree, the food wasn't the best high tea food I've had, but the cocktails made up for it :)