Thursday, July 2, 2009

Macro Cafe - which is now "About Life"

31-37 Oxford Street
Bondi Junction NSW 2022

So i was told that Macro go bought out by Woolworths, and was quite shocked? I mean there MUST be people buying into organically grown & made food, you don't hear very often about places that sell organic food ASWELL as serve it.

I decided to go back to Macro anyway, we were heading to paddington markets anyway so it was really close by. 

Everything had been changed, menu's, signage, colors? Was hoping the food stayed the same...

Haloumi roll

Grilled haloumi cheese, avocado, relish, fresh tomatoes & greens (eat-in $10.50, take-away $7.50). Ben had this, and said it was really good. He's a big fan of cheese aswell, but to me the roll looked pretty dry to me? I wouldn't order it myself.

Organic Egg Omlette

With spinach, mozzarella, roast tomato & shallot. This omlette also looked quite dry.. and i really hate the off cuts of bread, i like my bread slices to come from the middle of a loaf and these two pieces just looked so dry.

Two organic eggs with bacon served with gluten free toast

On the menu this is actually two organic eggs (served any style) served with toast. But Rick had to get gluten free, and needed some protein as well. He said the bacon wasn't too dry, and the eggs were overly cooked, but the toast was a nice change to what he has been eating lately - some gluten free loaf from Woolies (you know they only have one kind???).

Two organic eggs, served any style, with toast

I wanted something healthy so chose sough dough bread. Previously, this place had the best sourdough bread i've ever had, but what i had today was nothing near it :( Now i gotta find the best breakkie place since Macro is no more. My eggs were actually not overcooked so i was happy about that! I love my eggs, i probably eat too much of it me thinks..

I won't be coming back anymore, and i'll be on the search for another organic breakfast cafe..


Simon said...

Sorry to hear about the breakfast fail. Good luck with finding a new place in the area.

Stephcookie said...

Oh this post makes me sad :( That bread does look very dry. Sad!

Trisha said...

Oh sell outs! :( But there's not much Macro outlets around... the only one I can remember was in Melbourne!

Tina said...

Shame about all the dryness... but I actually like the ends/offcuts of bread.
Do you know The Goods Organic on Crown St in Darlinghurst? They're pretty good, although I haven't tried them for brekky...