Thursday, July 9, 2009

Gazebo Wine Garden

The Lovely Ann Huynh organized a Girl's Picnic Lunch at Gazebo, the label of 'Girl's Picnic' sounded delightful, so into my diary it went :) 

From the checkered style table cloth, to the naturally lit areas, to the roses strung along the table, and the beautiful basket of bread that came shortly after our arrival, it really did feel like a picnic in the park (minus insects & bugs!)

Anita & I were a tad bit late (i'm horrible with getting around in the city) but as soon as we sat we were given our bubblies and the bread & dips came out.

freshly baked, hot & extra crunchy baguettes

sun-dried tomato dip, beetroot dip & mixed olives

Glasses were topped quietly (i didnt even notice them filling mine up, just kept wondering why mine always seemed full hehe)

crusty baguette

The dips were chunky, and flavorsome, so nice that i just couldn't stop eating really (and i also ordered another bread stick later on... hehe)

Like seriously, i kept eating & eating the bread, nevermind there was still food to come but i just kept eating. No wonder i couldn't eat much of the food that was to follow..

potato salad, pumpkin salad, bocconcini & button mushrooms

Everything was served cold, and each three-tiered stand was between four people. There was nothing too spectacular about the mixed mushroom, potato & pumpkin dish, but i mopped up my plate with the extra bread that we got!

soft shell crab, smoked salmon, scallop stick & chicken breast

Cold meats, i didn't try any of these meats, and again, they didn't look too great. By now i was wondering (is this all worth $35?)

waldorf salad

rockmelon, kiwi, strawberries, bananas, marshmallows & chocolate brownie

Now desert, was served along with the salads & meats, i would of liked to anticipate desert a lil more, instead of having it in front of me while still the main foods.

Though the brownie, i think i ate more than my fair share cos it was really light, chocolaty, and surprisingly not as stale as it looked.

I love how the place had heaps of natural light shining in, although drinking in the sun took abit out of us girls :) Nonetheless, i had a great time chatting & catching up. I wouldnt exactly come back here for the picnic food, but i'd like to try out the lunch menu (and will get to for Anita's birthday lunch!! Coming up in August, so keep an eye out for that review)


Lisa said...

I love Gazebo, it's one of my favourite restaurants at the moment. I haven't tried the girl's picnic but I've *loved* everything I've tried from the lunch menu so far!

Tina said...

Mmm, don't know about that picnic but it seems a lovely way to spend a sunny weekend. In the diary for springtime..!

panda said...

wow! that baguette come in a picnic basket to the table?! food looks great and it looks like a place to spend a lazy afternoon :D

Stephcookie said...

Hmm you're right it doesn't quite look as good as I had thought. I didn't realise it would all be cold, but I guess that makes sense since it's meant to be a picnic? I love the restaurant though, it's gorgeous. The regular menu is probably more worth it than the picnic.

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Looks very cute indeed. I've always thought that the girls picnic sounded like one of the best events there!