Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Lucky Thai & Lao Restaurant

Shop 3, 134 Edensor Road
Bonnyrigg NSW 2177
ph: 8786 1997

I've always wanted to try out this place. Its settled on the left corner of a row of shops next to a Quix Petrol Station, neighbouring an Italian Restaurant & Gelato Bar, Mechanics Shop, Baby Store, and an asian grocery store.

We were given our menu's, and to my delight - they were photo-menus! My favourite :) I LOVE places with photo-menus obviously because of the eye candy, & to see what we'll be digging into :)

Vegetarian Pad-Thai with Tofu & Vegies $8.90

Vegetarian Pad-Thai $8.90

Both pad thai's were full of tamarind flavours, just the right amount of sweet, sour & salty. The only thing i didn't like was the overcooked rice noodles. Otherwise it was all good, price was quite cheap (but then again, this is way out west, and almost around the corner from woop woop land for some people).

Mango Sorbet $4.00

Deep-fried banana, with coconut sorbet $4.50

I just HAD to have desert, and made Richard order something too so i could try abit hehe.. Desert wasn't the greatest i've ever had, but was good enough for a Mid-Week meal without kind of breaking the budget.

Nothing beats the tempura fried icecream that you can get at 'Sushi Bar Rashai', a place i want to go back to & do a review on it... sometime soon - i have too many places to eat my way through hehe.


Trisha said...

ohmygoshhhhh pad thai nomnomnom that's my weakest point LOL

Betty said...

the desserts look awesome! i love getting banana fritters whenever i'm in cabra, such a guilty pleasure ;)

Mr. Taste @ tastedbytwo said...

Photo album menus are the best. So impractical in every way.

For the restaurant they're expensive to print and annoying to maintain. For the diner it makes it harder to remember/order "can I order this, and [flickflickflickflick] this one and [flickflickflickflick]"

Wendy said...

I love this place. It's my favourite Thai and Lao's resturant.
You should try the penang curry! It's delicious and the Lao's food is pretty good too. They also serve a special thai milk tea that taste like pearl milk tea but better!
When I'm in a bad mood, Eddie just takes me there and all is forgotten lol

Anonymous said...

... almost around the corner from woop woop land for some people...? Man you sound so ignorant!!!

Anonymous said...

BTW please don't come back here!