Thursday, July 16, 2009

Arigato Sushi

83 Stanley Street
Darlinghurst NSW 2010

We had previously eaten at Benbu across the street from Arigato and were really meant to go to the sushi place next door to it, but they were a little bit too busy tonight. Inside it was very different from what I'm used to. There were tables against the walls with little bowls of chalk and the walls were painted with chalkboard paint!

We both attempted to write something on the wall but failed because of other people's thickly caked on graffiti. Epic fail.

What i love about Japanese places is that they sometimes have picture menus! Gotta love previewing the food you're about to order hehe. Its less scarey for people like me - i'm usually scared to try new foods, and most of the time eat what i usually eat :x 

All the vegetarian sushi rolls had the seasoned seaweed as a filling and because of this reason, they were awesome. You can't go wrong with seasoned seaweed at a japanese restaurant! The slightly pickled flavour of the seaweed combined with the slight hint of spiceyness from the chilli made my mouth tingle. It was great!

I loved the salmon belly sushi. The salmon was fresh and had that buttery / creamy salmon flavour with extra butteryness since it's from the salmon's belly (as opposed to the normal cut). The rest of the salmon sushi roll bits were the same as what you'd get at any other japanese restaurant. I love having caviar sushi boats, the little balls of caviar popping in my mouth like pop rocks left a savoury taste.

Lastly there was the fried chicken and cucumber roll which was quite average. The chicken was cooked well, it was slightly warm but not cold. With this one I needed more soy sauce for that extra flavouring.

Although the food here was great, I'd still prefer to go to Benbu!

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