Tuesday, July 28, 2009


1183-1185 The Horsely Drive
Greenway Plaza
Wetherill Park NSW 2164
Ph: 9756 1133

We headed over here after having desert at 'the chocolate room' (yes, we had desert first! we didnt want to be totally stuffed & not be able to have much for desert)

This restaurant has been here since god knows how long?? I remember seeing it when i was little, & always wondering what it was.. that big yellow building!

My boss has dined here with customers quite a few times now, and he's said all good things about it, so i thought it was time to visit the place.
Fresh Herb Bread

Started off with Herb Bread, which was actually kind of stale.. it was really hard to bite into, i usually prefer my herb bread crusty but nice & soft in the middle - but thats just me!

Crumbed asparagus mornay

I chose the asparagus over the spinach & ricotta canneloni because well..

a) i wasnt really hungry
b) i wanted to try something different
c) i was cooking canneloni the next day at home for friends!

I liked this dish, it had a generous amount of sauce (which was very tasty & NOT lacking flavour!) & the asparagus was lightly crumbed & fried so that it still tasted very much like quick-cooked asparagus, fresh & crisp.

Spaghetti marinara

Sam chose his usual seafood pasta, which was a MASSIVE serving even though he only ordered an entree size ??!! MUST'VE been a mix up, it was seriously so big he couldn't finish it (and Sam is ONE BIG eater!)

It looked dry, & he complained that it was as well. It didn't look like he enjoyed it much..

Homemade ravioli
Filled with mixed seafood served n a pink lobster sauce

Julie chose the home-made ravioli, which was a medium sized dish for an entree as well!

Greek Salad

We ordered a salad, assuming everyone's dishes wold be small (since we ordered entree servings only), but we really struggled to even eat the salad,  except me - my asparagus mornay was really tiny hehe! The salad was a very generous serving as well.

I loved the presentation of our dishes, & the service was prompt. Great value for money aswell considering how enormous the serving portions were! Dishes were very modernised, not a bad thing either :)


Trisha said...

Oohh this looks so good! And were you using your camera here? Which lens? The photos are superb!

Stephcookie said...

HAHA that's awesome how you had dessert first! I would totally do that too!

julnhi said...

yeh the servings are massive! i ordered the calamari entree and entree size pasta (for myself .. and bestie ordered 2 other dishes too)... almost died of fullness!
and to top that off .. me and my bestie also ordered the temptation dessert plate >.<