Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Norita Cafe & Board Games

Level 2, 77 Liverpool Street
Sydney NSW 2000
Ph: 02 9267 3753

I've walked past this entrance many times before but never seemed to notice the sign. A friend took us here, and the sounds of a 'board games cafe' kind of excited me .. ;)

You get a comfy couch, and your own large table, and Monstors Inc was playing as we sat down.

We got some complimentary marshmallows & cookies which was really nice! I really liked the skull shaped one..

I ordered a pot of green gen mai cha tea.

Rick got the black coffee, & Ben the peach tea (which was, by the way, the best and sweetest peach tea i've ever let pass my lips!!). Wensy got the hot milk tea, which wasnt too bad either i really liked it, they sure do like to overload your drinks with sugar haha..

Me & Ben shared this slice of tiramisu cake. I've had better, this was not coffee-ey enough for me..

So, to the board games! We started off with jenga which was really fun, the loser who spilled the tower, got hit by all the players with this red plastic hammer type of thing. Hence the majorly intense concentration by Ben here in this pic haha :P

more complimentary goodies yayness!

The boys tried to make it hard for all of us by taking out all the bottom blocks..

Then onto some scrabble which is one of my favs.

Norita is such a fun place to hang out at, and major bonus that it was a rainy day, it was good to dry up the bottoms of our jeans :)


Chris said...

I've been meaning to drop by here sometime (read, i've been invited several times, but have been busy), it looks cute with all the drinks and boardgames!
I don't envy the person with the scrabble letters facing the camera though!

Anita said...

Board games and cake!? Sounds like fun :P

Tina said...

So cute! Do people just all lounge around for hours?

Anonymous said...

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