Monday, July 27, 2009

The Chocolate Room

Shop 45 Stocklands Shopping Centre
Polding Street
Wetherill Park NSW 2164
Ph: 9609 4866

I saw a '$10 off' Voucher for this place in the local newspaper, & was excited to have a 'chocolate cafe' in our area finally (Parramatta is further away, Max Brennars). Julie, Sambath & I Decided to go on a Friday night, i was in a bitter mood, & what can be better then sweetening it up with some chocolate goodness :)

It was quiet actually, i thought it would be abit more busy seeing as they opened just 2 or 3 days ago. It was roughly around 7pm so maybe.. it gets busier later in the night after people have finished dinner/watching a movie.

I noticed the girl at the registers used to do kickboxing at the gym so i said a quick hello how are you before sitting down. Its pretty much like you take a menu, sit down, then up again to the register to order & pay before sitting down again!

They have a wide range of hot chocolates (served in a cuddle cup, which sounds very much like Max Brenners "hug mug"!), i think they had about one page & a half, so it took us a while to decide on which one to get..

I finally decided on the 'coconut' from ancient origins. An intoxicating match of fragrant flakes of coconut dipped in perfumed cocoa of the ivory coast.

Julie chose 'hazelnut' select hazelnuts covered in nougat caramel & drowned in thin dutch cocoa.

Sambath chose the 'apple & cinnamon' rich smooth cocoa combined with the familiar taste of poached apple & infused with undertones of spiced cinnamon.

I really enjoyed reading through the menu of drinks, they describe each drink so intricately, it's beautiful!

We decided against ordering waffles or cakes, & chose this because it looked unique amongst everything else on the menu.

'The Chocolate Room Poffertjes". Yeah, try pronouncing it! Because i spent about 10 minutes trying hehe. Basically these were mini pancake type cakes, drizzled with chocolate (which you can see is obviously not enough!!) & served with vanilla icecream, & strawberries.

Honestly, they were abit dry, & the chocolate wasn't that great :( I think i could do a better job at home..

I'd like to think it was just a one off, i do want to come back & try the waffles & maybe take home some choccies!


Mr. Taste said...

Go the voucher!

We'll probably end up trying this place sooner or later when our buddies out west drag us there...

Stephcookie said...

Haha that cuddle cup is a total hug mug wannabe. Pity about the mini pancake things being dry, they look so cute! Hope you're having a good bday!

Trisha said...

Hmmm true that's a hug mug from Brenner! Anyway wow a page and a half of hot chocolates! It would've taken me ages as well to decide what to get. But your photos are lovely and the proffiteroles, albeit dry, look really appetising!

julnhi said...

waffles are small compared to MB ... but still nice. i really like the warming mug ... just perfect because i hate my hot chocolate getting cold

Anonymous said...

There's another one at Parramatta on Philip st. It's heaps busy on a Friday and Saturday night. I've been to both Wetherill Park and Parramatta and much prefer it at Parramatta. Good service, good food & LOVE the waffles!

Betty said...

Hi Anonymous!
Philip St Para?
Do you think they get more business than max brennars near the station?

cos i LOVE max brens waffles, havent tried the choc room ones yet..

must visit Parra one day then, nice & local too :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it opened one month earlier thn the one at Wetherill i think. The parra one has only been opened for just over 2 months.

i think the shop gets busier as the week goes by cause more and more people are talking about it.

I'm actually a regular there and have been informed by the shop owner that they're having a 3 month birthday thing so they're having a new dish hehe can't wait for it :)

Betty said...

ooh, a new dish!
Do let me know :)

who are you by the way? what's your email hehe email me