Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Fair Trade Coffee Company

I LOVE sitting by the window/outside to eat, especially around the city because sometimes you see pretty interesting things/peoples.

I had a class all day in the city today, & i think trains are seedy so i drove up with Richard, and we had breakfast here (planned to eat at Badde Manors, but wanted to try another cafe!)

The place had seats outside but we were cold so, by the window we sat. Also in clear view of my car (wary of any traffic officers booking cars without tickets being displayed :P)

It had such a 'home' feel to it, from the retro couches, to the blackboards, & the various materials used to cover benches. How sitting around makes you feel like you're at home & not in a cafe..

We ordered a large pot of chai tea, but straight away regretted this as soon as we had a sip. The tea was quite weak, and not as spiced as we have had our chai tea before (Badde Manors is still our numero uno for chai tea!)

We both ordered the 'mega breakfasts' because we were starved (and also because our favourite meal of the day is Breakfast!)

Mine came with two poached eggs, grilled tomato, half an avocado (VERY generous) sauted mushrooms, steamed pumpkin cubes, toast & butter.

There was nothing particularly special about this breakfast, everything was abit plain & dry.. not really worth the $17-$18 we paid for each dish!

His came with sausages, bacon, poached egg, grilled tomato, mushrooms & fresh spinach leaves. He says 'the bacon is really dry, & my egg yolk isnt runny. But the gluten free bread is aiight'.

The cakes on display look .. average. Not sure if slices have been cut out to 'make' it look like they've been sold? I certainly hope that they haven't been sitting like that for days..

What i do like about the cafe, is the array of postcards & prettiful flyers available for taking :)

There are many other cafes in the area that i want to try out, so will definitely be back in the area again sometime soon :)


Trisha said...

So this is around Glebe? Meh... I hate disappointing breakfasts. It's not everyday you fork out $18 for a good breakfast so sometimes you'd want a wholesome meal. Ohwell... I'm a devout fan of Badde Manors and i compare every cafe in Glebe to Badde Manors! :D

Trisha said...

Hey chica just passing on the Kreative Blogger award to you! You and your blog are such a darl! :)

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Ahh what a shame about the food! It does look nice and cosy inside. I'm curious as to what their coffee is like too.

Bonta said...

You need proactive, more Exercise and a stylist ... L.O.S.E.R