Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Saute Thai Restaurant

18 Phillip Street
Parramatta NSW 2150
9687 0778

Went on a double date with Dante & Tash, and we left it up to them to decide where to eat. They didn't want Italian, Pizza, El Phoenician was closed (it was Easter SUnday), Istana Malaysian was a bit too heavy & oily, so they opted for Thai.

It was a nice night so we got a table outside. They weren't too busy so we didn't have to wait long before being asked for drinks, the waiters were quite attentive. I remember we had dined here once before, possibly a bit over one year ago - & even though it was very packed - the service was still great.

Tash ordered the whole coconut drink - i think this is a great idea to have it on the menu, it just adds that extra touch of authenticity to the dining experience.

Rick & I Decided on one entree, and one main (Thai usually leaves us really stuffed & full). This is the soft shell crab served with sweet chilli sauce & a thai salad. I think it had carrots, paw paw (that makes it a paw paw salad doesn't it..??) cashews tomato & a mild chilly & tangy dressing - this was really nice! Such contrasting flavours to the soft shell crab - which was surprisingly really crisp, meaty, and not too oily at all. This dish is a must, i'd order it again next time. It sure beats the money bags, curry puffs etc we had last time on the mixed entree platter.

For main we ordered the Red Curry with Vegies & prawns. I had asked for the hottest curry, and she said this was it. It was mildly spicey, i guess i should of asked for it to be hotter! The curry was nothing special. The vegies and prawns tasted bland, the curry was merely a dressing & the flavour of the curry was non-existent on the insides.. oh & the prawns were from the freezer. Oh, & i ordered coconut rice but later realised - it was just normal rice.

Tash had this bbq beef with paw paw salad (or is it, papaya salad??). She said the meat was quite dry.. but had the same comments on the salad as us :) This dish was meant to come with sticky rice - but it came out like half way through her eating the meat!

Dante had the chicken noodles (there is a proper name, damn i should of written it down or something). He finished all  this & was s a t i s f i e d :)

I think this is the only Thai place in PArra.. no wait - there is another one opposite City Extra - Thai Box/ Thai in a Box - something like that. Might go & try that place next time..

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