Sunday, April 5, 2009

Bavarian Bier Cafe - Parramatta

2-8 Phillip Street
Parramatta NSW 2150 (corner of Marsden and Phillip)

Ph: (02) 8836 1400
Fax: (02) 9687 6455

We came here to shout Chris lunch for his birthday earlier this week, and to catch up with him since he had just recently come back from his trip to Africa (he spent 6 weeks over there, and didnt spent even one night in a hotel/motel- he lived out of a tent & was constantly on the move, lost 5 kilos!!)

We opted for local + beer + movies, so Parra was our best choice. We've been to Bavarian Bier cafe before [insert link here], but theres so many more things we wanted to try n the menu, and da boys wanted some good import beer. They both had half litre steins (times 2, yup they had a litre of beer at lunch time haha) & i chose the Ladies Bier with Lychee flavour. It was a sweet beer, i didnt really like it go got Babe to finish it off hehe.

I only had some nutri grain for breakfast (after two hours at the gym!!) so i was starving by the time we were ready to order. I ordered the crisp slamon with almond pesto, Rick ordered the tasting plate, Chris had the crispy pork with beetroot stuff (argh the website is down i cant check the real name etc) Food came out fairly quick, it was a quiet lunch actually not many people in the restaurant (it was around 12.30-1pm). THe boys were disappointed that our waitress didnt have half of her shirt unbuttoned haha.

My salmon steak was nice - crispy on the outside, fresh on the inside. I really liked the presentation!! The fish was on a bed of thick sliced potatoes & rocket, the almond pesto - i enjoyed the flavour (i've never had pesto before let alone almond pesto). I added myself to the plate a puddle each of english mustard, and whole seeded mustard (i love my flavourings!). There was also flaked almond bits, and bits of BACON sprinkled over everything (which i picked out and gave to Rick, i didnt want to complain, i'll just make sure next time i order anything that there can't be any meat in it at all

Rick's tasting plate had sausages, snitzel, pork belly, sauerkraut & beetroot stuff.

Chris had the Crispy pork belly, with potatoes & beetroot.

We were all pretty satisfied, & headed off to the movies afterwards to watch 'watchmen'. ANn was jealous that we all went to Bavarian Bier Cafe, Then Watchmen movie, so expect a third post for this restaurant some time soon =P I think i'll try one of the starters i saw crispy calamari if i wasn't going to choose the salmon it would have been the calamari :)

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