Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Liana's Licenced Restaurant Cafe (2nd visit)

306 Church St
Parramatta, NSW 2150
(02) 9687 7979

We've been here before & for the exact same reason came back again for a cheap & filling meal after a long 7km run @ Iron Cove.

This time we brought along Jeremy & Ann :) We're all training for the city2surf this year.

Our waiter had a good sense of humor, he remembered me & Rick the last time we were here, & also mentioned that we devoured the large portion of Pasta we both had each to ourselves hehe.

The food took more then 50 minutes to come out, Jeremy & Ann weren't impressed at all. We were surprised, because last time the food came out in relatively good time, and it was much more packed as well..

We all decided on one pasta between two, a salad, and a large serving of canneloni.

The canelloni was stuffed with spinach & ricotta cheese (way too much ricotta me thinks, but still very delicious). Lots of cheese on the top made it, a very very stringy cannelloni (stringy = good!)

This salad - the dressing was too powering, sour, there was just TOO much dressing on each leaf we didn't finish it all, it would of been nicer if they used less vinegar..

Rick & Jeremy shared this creamy bacon & mushroom fettacine, while Ann wasnt fussed - so i chose the same pasta that i had last time - creamy tomato salmon & avocado.

Everything came out nice & hot, despite the waiting time, it was a nice dinner, we were all very, VERY stuffed.

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shez said...

such a pity when service doesn't mirror previous experience.

i'm having giant carb cravings now that i've seen those huge bowls of pasta. looks tasty!