Monday, February 2, 2009


277 Church St
Parramatta NSW 2150
Phone (02) 9687 5113

We've been wanting to try this Malaysian restaurant for a while, but were afraid to go in because it looked so empty each time we walked past. Being a little indecisive, we decided to try it out. Not being too hungry, we ordered two dishes. Seafood Mi Goreng and supposedly Seafood Nasi Goreng. I say that only because there was chicken in it after we ordered.

I think we confused our waitress by making her think that only one was to have no chicken. It all worked out in the end since I ate the Nasi Goreng and Betty had the Mi Goreng.

The Nasi Goreng was richly flavoured with the usual amounts of kecap manis and oil. The Nasi Goreng on it's own was quite nice, but when eaten with Sambal Chilli it's like having a rave party in your mouth with everyone charged up ready to rock.

The Mi goreng was a tad on the oily side as well, but I'd say this rips the packet Mi Goreng over a hundred times over! The noodles were pretty springy and the prawns weren't the usual frozen prawns you'd get with asian food. These were real prawns, without the plastic and tasteless texture. I absolutely loved it!

Alongside the two dishes we ordered, I ordered a fruit punch. It was a decent punch with lots of sweetened fruit chunks. I'd have this on a hot day for sure.


sligoice said...

luv the look of that drink!!

MamaFaMi said...

Besides these two dishes, there are many more Malaysian delicacies that may suit your taste buds.

Can't agree more with sligoice... the fruit punch does look inviting!!!