Sunday, April 5, 2009

Blackbird Cafe

Cockle Bay Wharf
Level Balcony
Harbour Street (Entry via the spiral stair case)
Darling Harbour 2000 NSW
Ph: (02) 9283 7385

Met up with the SLR Girls/Livejournal Girls + Ann for brunch @ Blackbirds suggested by Leona for their cheap big breakfasts. Lis is going overseas in a weeks time we wanted to say goodbyes! She's going to be away for 6 weeks :)

Lis was running late, her iphone had funnily stuffed up daylight savings time after she had moved the time back an hour the ipod switched it an hour earlier AGAIN lol.

It was quiet, lots of waiters & waitresses available to wait out table. We were siting around with our drinks for about 15 minutes then ordered our food. I chose the eggs florentine, Ann& Leona the Eggs benedict, Ants the big breakfast, & Lis actually ended up coming after all & she had the ... i think the big breakfast as well.

Funnily enough, Lis got her order first (she had requested no mushrooms - i LOVE mushrooms!!). So when we had asked why her food came out first even though she ordered last, the waitress laughed & said there must be something going on in the kitchen.. me & Ann were starved from our morning run around Iron Cove!!

Lis had the big breakfast minus the mushrooms 

I had the Eggs Florentine. Poached eggs, Smoked Salmon, SPinach on turkish brea, and i ordered an extra hashbrown (hey, i deserve it after our run in the morning hehe). From reading the menu, we thought the turkish bread would be toasted & on the side, hot & waiting to be buttered. However, everything was just piled on top of the bread .. not happy Jan! The eggs were cooked just the way i liked them - runny :) The spinach beneath wasn't too fresh - but i had requested some tomato sauce with my hashbrown & they put it in a cup oversized cup lol.

I LOVE my hash browns & french fries drenched in tomato sauce  - its the only way to have them!!

Leona had the eggs benedict with extra bacon

Ants had the big breakfast with the lot

Ann was the first to finish haha :)

L-R Me, Leona, Lis, Ann & Ants

Lis i wish you all the best on your trip, send me a postcard! & see you when you get back :)

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