Sunday, April 5, 2009

Lindt Chocolat Cafe on Darling Harbour

We were still feeling peckish after Brunch @ Blackbirds, so me ANn & Ants headed over to Lindt Cafe (since Ann hadn't had the waffles here before i thought i'd share one with her)

Ann ordered a Mocha, she said it was really nice (i love da chocolate shavings on the top) i noticed she ate all these up plus the froth before trying the drink hehe.

Ants got the hot chocolate, which was hot milk, with a little cup of melted lindt chocolate, where she poured ALL of the chocolate into a cup of milk (you're supposed to leave some for your 2nd cup of milk! haha)

Me & Ann had the waffles with Lindt vanilla icecream & melted chocolate. These waffles are by far better then Max Brennars (but Ann doesnt seem to think so!!). The icecream here is the best i've ever had too, you can see & taste vanilla bean bits in the icecream, the melted chocolate is like liquid silk, and the waffle was nice & warm, and we ended up with a pool of lindt goodness :)

Anita chose this white chocolate mousse cake thingio with strawberry jam stuff (i'm so bad with descriptions haha). This didn't go down nicely after eating half the waffle, but it was a light, refreshing cafe that wasn't too heavy on the sweetness or flavoring.

Ants with her hot chocolate

Ann with her Mocha

Finished up really really full (brunch + desert, this totally wasted our 7KM run this morning haha) ^.^

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