Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Baja Cantina

43-45 Glebe Point Road
Glebe NSW 2037
9571 1199 (booking recommended)

Had a meet up dinner with Jane from Freshcakes tonight, & it was up to me to decide on where to eat - so mexican it was! Rick & I have been here before, about a year ago?? It was our first time trying Mexicana, & we were impressed! Good quality food that didn't cost too much.

I booked a table earlier on in the week - rang, left a message, never got a ring back. But when i rang to confirm on Thursday - they had it written down in their diary already - i wish they would of called back to confirm (like they said they would on their answering machine).

They had quite a few people waiting so we weren't left waiting to be noticed. We ordered some white Sangria - it was so watery, it had orange pieces in it. Nothing beats the Sangria @ El Bulli!! (i wanna go back there now hehe).

Soon after Jane arrived, & we ordered our food. No entrees or starters, as Mexican is a heavy meal already - didnt want to be too stuffed afterwards (we were planning to have desert next door @ San churros)

I had the Prawn Quesadilla, Rick the Chicken Mole? Jeremy the Chimichanga, Jane the Chicken Fajitas, & Ann the Chicken Sulza.

The food came out quickly, & was still nice & hot when we started eating it - so was quite impressed there! Presentation wise - everything pretty much looked like it was thrown onto the plate, with no attempt at making it look presentable - but hey it tasted so good!

Ann's Chicken Sulza she said it was very very cheesy, maybe just a tad bit too much of cheesiness, this also came with rice and black beans.

I don't remember what Rick had.. but he did eat all of our jalopenos (he loves chilli, he even had a chilli beer which was by the way very funky tasting..)

Jeremy's chimichanga - he struggled to finish this! Basically its just fillings of meat & lettuce cheese and other stuff, wrapped in a flour tortilla, and fried. Massive serving, the last time me & Rick came here we shared this plus prawn fajitas. I remember it was a neat little parcel to begin with, and as we started eating it, it just ended up one big mess on our plate - but very delicious hehe.

My Quesadilla had prawn & cheese inside crunchy tortillas, served with black beans (the refried beans are refried in animal fat, i remember this from last time we came here the Waitress was kind enough to tell us this) mexican rice? A dollop of sour cream & a jalopeno piece. The rice - i didn't have much of this - it just wasnt very nice.. The jalopeno - was SOOOO so so hot i only had a tiny bite of it and i went all red in the face :x

Jane had the chicken fajitas, which was a sizzling plate of chicken, flour tortilla and ingredients to make your own wrap which included lettuce tomato rice & refried beans, which she struggled to finish as well (maybe next time - we all share around something?)

Overall, the food was quite average.. there must be a better Mexican Restaurant around? I here 5 doors down there is another Mexican place, must try that out next time :) I think its called the Flying Fajita Sisters??

The service here was great, friendly staff greeted us right away, food came out in good time (we were all very starved actually), sangria was shit so probably based on our 2nd experience, we won't be coming back again.


Julz Tran said...

I eaten at Flying Fajita Sisters before. It was good even though the food took their sweet ass time to come out. Should make reservations. Very busy place.

Betty said...

the servings are baja cantina are massive! i remember struggling to finish my burrito last time! it's definitely a good idea to share. lucky the food was good and it was cheap. crap about the sangria.

flying fajita sistas is really good but the food takes a while to come out, so be prepared for that!