Sunday, April 5, 2009

Badde Manor
37 Glebe Point Road
Glebe, NSW 2037

Headed to Glebe for Markets & Brunch with Ann :)

Decided to eat here after seeing a review on it on Jennifer's Food blog.

The place was small, with tables outside & in, it was quite cosey actually i liked the coseyness, we could hear eachother talking it was peaceful & quiet.

We started off with some chai tea (each pot was $4 and was more then enough). If we knew, maybe we could of ordered only one pot hehe. but Ann finished hers with ease!! This was the 3rd time i've had chai tea (1st was at the Coffee club [it was crappy and watery and they charged $4 for a small mug], 2nd time was at my workmate's house, his wife made it in a pot with real chai leaves, this was the NICEST yum)

I really liked the tea aswell, & i actually have some chai tea leaves at home waiting to be boiled, and have honey added to it :) I just havent had the chance (and i dont want to drink it after dinner as it might keep me up for a while.. i'm quite caffeine sensitive!!)

I ordered the Mediterranean Breakfast which had fried eggs, grilled haloumi, grilled eggplant, tomato, dill pickle, olive & za'atar (thyme) with toasted turkish bread. Straight away me & Ann buttered our breads while they were still warm hehe.

My eggs were done perfectly sunny side up with the yolk still runny (i love runny yolks), & turkish bread was the perfect bread to accompany everything else. I stayed away from the thyme i didnt really like it (it was quite dry) so i liked the option of having it on a mini dish (and not sprinkled over everything). The haloumi was abit of a disappointment, i've fried haloumi at home before, this could have been nicer if they cooked it for a tad bit longer.

Ann had the Badde Manors big Breakfast which had Eggs, spinach, mushrooms, baked beans, seasoned chat potatos,  & grilled tomato served on rye bread. I liked Ann's one more, the mushrooms and baked beans were really yummy i think the baked beans were organic, i've had organic before and they are abit harder then the mainstreamed 'heinz baked beans' type. Also the serving of baked beans was quite generous, i had some of it :)

I would definitely come back here again, food was great, atmosphere was relaxing, & it was a cheap & filling meal, and most of all, all of their options are vegetarian :) 

(and also its just a 1 minute walk from my favorite markets!!)