Monday, April 13, 2009

Freshcakes by Jane

Coming home drunk with two cakes in the boot - i'm lucky they didnt get damaged! After a night out with the girls, picked up Jeremy (he lives near me, thought might as well give him a lifty home). He spent the night catching up with Jane - "the freshcakes girl".

I was shocked when he told me on the phone that she had cakes for us - & i thought - 'how sweet! i could do with some cake right now'. I expected a couple of slices, but ended up with two massive cake boxes haha. 

Got home, still semi drunk, opened up the cakes and went "wow". They were heavy & massive, & after a few photo's (okay i lie, ALOT of photos. Lighting in my dining room is horrible, flash on my camera is way too harsh, so i took many many photos so that i can decide which one to use later on).

ALso i knew that if i left it till the next day i'd be risking SOMEONE cutting into it before i got ANY photos.

After taking photo's, i rationed out pieces to Anita, Jeremy, Ann, & Rick & me hehe. Took some more photos. Ate some (ok, alot), went to bed without brushing my teeth (i know , so bad but i was just way too buggered)

Orange poppy seed Cake

I tried this one first because i'm a fan of poppy seeds, and orange! The cake was moist, rich, & had a fluffy yet yielding texture. It was showered with poppy seeds, and the butter cream icing had a very slight orangey zest flavour, not too empowering on the taste buds.

I actually couldn't stop eating this one, i devoured a massive slice in under 3 minutes :)

Poppy seeds were scattered through the insides, & there was the right amount of icing around the cake so that you had enough for each spoon of cake that you ate.

chocolate Fudge Cake

This cake was not as 'fudgey' & chocolatey as it looked. WHich was good by the way! Because then you don't get sickly full, and you have eat more of it hehe. Again it was a light, chocolate buttercream icing, with chocolate swirl shavings on the top (of course i picked some of this off to eat first before anything else!)

These cakes were unbelievably moist, light, not the 'oh its too heavy i can't have much' type of cake. I found myself spooning more into my mouth with every piece i was rationing out. Gosh all the calories >_<

FOur days later, Rick had kept his in the fridge, & hadnt tried any yet - so we had some together. Amazingly - the cake was even NICER !! (note, this is after 4 days of refridgeration!!). The cake was still light & soft, slightly compacted but still quite fluffy. I wish i had left more for myself..

I totally recommend Jane's Freshcakes for any occasion (work, birthday, farewell) or even if you just feel like some cake & sharing around with friends with a cuppa tea. SHe delivers free to your door (if in the Sydney CBD & surrounding areas).

Visit her Website

I am definitely ordering one for my birthday i have my eye on the carrot & walnut one :)