Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Vasandha Bhavan

Shop 19, The Crescent, Homebush NSW
Phone: (02) 9746 5530

I wanted to thank Jen for convincing me to enter into her Julie & Julie competition (of which i won a Julie & Julia pack with lots of gooodies), so i wanted to shout her to lunch! She refused, but agreed to go to lunch with me anyway hehe so here we are at Homebush, at a restaurant that my workmate had always suggested me to go. So when an Indian suggests and Indian restaurant, you know the food will be traditional and real. After all, he was born in India and lives there for the majority of his life.

Mango Lassi $3

There were only two sorts of lassi, the other was plain i think- i was hoping to have rose (that's my favourite!). It came in a tall glass, really too much to finish, but really refreshing on the palate, and was a perfect cooler for the food we had lined up.

vegetarian thali $11.90

For just under $12, what Jennifer got was a real bargain! 3 small portions of different curries, and a larger portion of a mixed vegetable curry, served with raita, rice & a papadum. The platter was too large to fit in one photo hehe. It was massive, and Jen was trying really hard to finish it.. but being Indian food, being so calorie dense, i advised her to take away for a mid afternoon snack..


Now here's a dilemma! Jen took photo's of the menu, and these babies were $4.90 each?? No way.. i really don't remember them costing that much. & on my take away menu i snapped from the door- show's $1.50. So i really have no idea how much they were, but they were undoubtly one of the nicer samosa's i've had. Pity they came sauceless (unlike at Billu's in Harris Park).

These were damn crisp on the outside (yet did not ooze bad oily stuff unlike some nasty foodcourt samosa's i've had in the past), and were stuffed with a lot of veggies & seasonings. Quite filling, and the reason why i had to take away half my main.

kashmiri naan $3.50

I love anything coconutty, so this naan was my definite pick! Thin and crispy (maybe a tiny bit too crispy), with bits of almond as well, this paired well with my cream based curry.

malai kofta $9.50

My curry was served in a metal dish with cute golden handles. What looked like a small serving, was really hard to finish & i really didn't want to stuff myself silly (portion control, diet, plan to un-expand my waistline) so i took home half.

A very creamy curry consisting of cottage cheese & potato dumplings (i made a little mess trying to dissect the dumpling for photographic reasons). I like how the curry was not just full of oil, (well if it was it was mixed through completely hehe) but i've had curries before which just tasted like i was eating oil.

I also ordered a cocnut chutney to go with my meal, totally un-regrettable as it was the best chutney i've ever had! It came out chilled, and was so refreshing. I think i finished off about three quarters of it, (i really like to overdose on my condiments). I love the texture of coconut, and could see some finely crushed almonds in the mix as well i think.

To finish off our meal, Jennifer shared with me her desert (part of her $12 meal) which was gulab jamun (wiki: made of a dough consisting mainly of milk solids (often including double cream and flour) in a sugar syrup flavored with cardamom seeds and rosewater or saffron) which was served cold. Not enough dessert if you ask me!

Indian is something i don't have often due to its high calorie content, but it is certainly one of my favorite foods to indulge in. Our next lunch date (hopefully soon) will be at Billu's in Parramatta which i have already been to, but they have such an extensive menu i could just keep going back again & again!


joey@FoodiePop said...

Wow, you certainly get around! Homebush is not a place I've even been to eat .... :-)

The gulab jamun looks like fried ice cream; I hope it was as yum!

I love Indian, and Guru in Bourke Street, Surry Hills is a great place for high quality Indian food.

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

The photos are BEAUTIFUL ! You changed your style? (normally your photos are always pretty but I think this post is different)

Von said...

I've never been to a proper Indian restaurant, despite the fact that most of my friends are Indian/Sri Lankan....*sigh*
The curries looks so good!

Muneeba said...

Whoa .. all that food looks incredible ... wish I had some of that malai kofta curry right now!

Anonymous said...

hi really i been to this restaurent so many time . ya some time u will wait for a long but the taste of food makes u forget all. try chicken kothu or rwa dosa that restaurent or anything ya some restaurents provides u really quick service becoz they make every thing in morning always remember more faster u get served more the food is not fresh

Anonymous said...

this restaurant is awesome i always go there